‘I don’t like fake fights the most’: Zheng Geping and Vincent Ng fought until they were bruised in new action movie, Entertainment News

During the last interviews with Shin Min Daily Newslocal actors Zheng Geping and Vincent Ng have revealed that they both received very real injuries while filming their upcoming movie Deleted and will not compromise.

“I don’t like fake fights the most. Actors have to – without the aid of props – be in real fights and have to really fall for there to be real reactions,” Geping, 58, claimed. . “Thus, throughout Deleted, no stunt threads were used.”

Geping portrays the protagonist of Deleted who traverses the criminal underworld to find the crooks who have kidnapped his daughter. Vincent, 46, plays the captain of a special police unit.

The cast of Deleted also includes Taiwanese actress Tien Hsin, Malaysian actors Fattah Amin and Rosyam Nor as well as boxer Brie Benfell and mixed martial arts fighter Peter Davis.

Although filming for the film began in 2019 and post-production was completed in 2020, Deleted was delayed for two years due to Covid-19.

Said Geping about the film: “Because we throw real punches and kicks, injuries were inevitable. When I was shooting an action scene, I was hit until my whole arm and chest were covered in bruises – it was so swollen that I got a shock myself!”

Vincent also suffered burns, bruises and sprained his shoulder while filming a scene involving an explosion.

He spoke about the injuries: “There are no stitches, torn ligaments or broken bones, so it’s just a small problem, that’s all. It’s not an injury serious for me.”


He added that 70% of his scenes were action sequences.

Despite his injuries, Vincent also agreed with Geping and felt that the risk involved in filming this action movie was a necessary evil.

Vincent said: “The flying thread is fine whether the show is a period piece or sci-fi or based on myths. But what’s most important in realistic action films is the authenticity.”

Naturally, the amount of action in their film also meant that special supervision was required.

Action choreographers, paramedics, fire engines and traffic cops were on set and helped maintain security during the filming of Suppressed, Geping shared.

But the movie is more than just an adrenaline-packed action flick.

Deleted intends to bring out people’s social responsibility, he explained. Human and organ trafficking is not uncommon outside of Singapore and Geping hopes this film will raise awareness and awareness of trafficking.

The film also marks Vincent’s return to showbiz after leaving Mediacorp in 2007.

Deleted, rated NC16, will be available in theaters in Singapore from November 3.

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