In the Woods Surpasses Major Japanese Box Office Milestone

ODDTAXI: In the Woods exceeds initial box office expectations, meaning the film will receive a wider release, according to the series producer.

Although he only performed in a small number of venues in Japan, ODDTAXI: In the woods pulls in major box office numbers.

According to Mantan Web, the compilation film, which includes new animation, has grossed around $1.03 million (130 million yen) after four weeks. “Due to the movie’s huge success, the number of screening locations will gradually increase from the second half of April, so we hope you will wait for the movie’s release information,” ODDTAXI said producer Daisuke Hiraga.

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He continued, “When I think back to the beginning of the project, the fact that it became a movie is incredible. I think that theatrical scale is an objectively accepted level for this movie, so I’m very happy that so many people have come to see [ODDTAXI: In the Woods] and that he exceeded the expectations set for him.”

It is not the first time ODDTAXI and its fans exceeded the creators’ expectations. Despite the anime series’ immense popularity, there was initial hesitation to give it a Blu-ray release. To gauge interest, the producers of ODDTAXI launched a pre-order campaign towards the end of last year: if a minimum of 300 sets were ordered, then the ODDTAXI the anime would receive its home video release. By the end of the campaign, over 6,000 Blu-rays had been pre-ordered.

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The two ODDTAXI animated series and ODDTAXI: In the woods take place in a world of anthropomorphic animals and follow Odokawa, a middle-aged walrus and taxi driver. Produced by OLM and PICS, the anime series was the industry debut for director Baku Kinoshita and screenwriter Kadzuya Konomoto, who both returned to create ODDTAXI: In the woods. The anime’s main voice cast members, including Natsuki Hanae (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba) and Ryōhei Kimura (Boruto: Naruto Next Generations), also returned, reprising their roles for the compilation film.

ODDTAXI: In the woods‘ impressive box office performance follows similar successes, including those of Jujutsu Kaisen 0 and Evangelion 3.0 + 1.01: Three Times Upon A Timewhich were the highest-grossing Japanese films of 2021, seemingly showing the growing popularity of anime films as a genre.

Crunchyroll has acquired the North American distribution rights for ODDTAXI: In the woods but, at the time of writing, an official premiere date has yet to be announced by the streaming service. The thirteen episodes of ODDTAXI Anime series are available on Crunchyroll.

Source: Mantan WebGoing through Crunchyroll

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