Infowars star faces questions during Alex Jones Sandy Hook trial


AUSTIN, TEXAS — A rising star from Alex Jones’ Infowars platform will speak on Wednesday as a jury hears a second day of testimony to decide how much the parents of a boy killed in the Sandy Hook massacre should be paid after Jones defamed them.

Owen Shroyer, host of an Infowars show called ‘The War Room,’ will be called to testify after lawyers for Jones and Sandy Hook’s parents gave opening statements on Tuesday that set the stage for the trial. two weeks.

It remains to be seen what surprises we have in store on the second day of the most publicized trial of its kind in the country after Jones surprised some observers by showing up on Tuesday with duct tape over his mouth in symbolic protest at the fact that his freedom of expression was muzzled.

Jones sat quietly between his attorneys while attorney for parents Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis described Jones’ conduct as “the most despicable and vile campaign of lies and libel in American history”. But during a break, Jones gave a press conference outside the courtroom and was reprimanded by the judge.

Jones’ attorney told the jury that Jones had “apologized repeatedly…and had already been punished” by “losing all of his assets – millions of dollars.”

Jones lost three libel lawsuits against Sandy Hook families last year after Jones called the 2012 murder of 26 first graders and educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 a ‘staged’ , “synthetic”, “fabricated”, “a giant hoax” and “completely fake with actors.”

According to Heslin, the issue is not so much to compensate the already grieving families of Sandy Hook for the emotional turmoil caused by Jones’ defamation, but rather to hope that a damages verdict of 150 million dollars will illuminate the dark corners of the country where fiction persists. Connecticut’s worst crime in modern history never happened.

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