Investigator says child was visible under surveillance before US strike



“The report confirmed that the strike killed 10 Afghan civilians, including three men and seven children. Those involved in the strike interviewed during that investigation genuinely believed at the time that they were targeting an imminent threat to US forces on HKIA. The intended target of the strike, the vehicle, the white Corolla, its contents and its occupant, were truly assessed at the time as a threat to US forces. This assessment was primarily driven by the interpretation of the information and correlation with the movements observed throughout an eight hour window in which the vehicle was followed throughout the day before being finally struck. Unfortunately, the interpretation of the correlation of intelligence with what was perceived at the time, in real time, was inaccurate. In fact, the vehicle, its occupant, and its contents posed no risk to US forces. In addition, the pre-strike assessment in the compound where the vehicle was struck by individuals in the area itself was inaccurate. The investigation found no violations of the law, including the law of war – it found execution errors confirmed by, or combined with confirmation bias and communication disruptions which unfortunately resulted in civilian casualties. . The first time we got confirmation from the kids it was 2 minutes away. Journalist: “Two minutes before impact? “Before relaxation. In two independent reviews that I conducted for this investigation, physical evidence of a child was apparent around the 2 minute point. It is not 100% obvious. You have to be like, no kidding, looking for it. But when you look for it, certainly after the fact, if you ask me, has there been any evidence of a presence? Yes there was. “

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