JKC Gallery’s Monthly Photography Conference ‘Tuesday Talks’ is scheduled for November 8



originally published: 27/10/2022

(TRENTON, NJ) — Mercer County Community College’s James Kerney Campus (JKC) Gallery, located at 137 North Broad Street in Trenton, presents its upcoming photography presentation “Twosday Talks” on November 8, 2022 from 6:30-7 p.m. 30. This month will feature works and presentations by artists Mel Evans and Jackie Neale. The discussions will take place live and on the Zoom conference platform. All are invited to register at jkcgallery.online.

“Twosday Talks” is curated by Heather Palecek and Habiyb Shu’Aib and moderated by JKC Gallery Director Professor Michael Chovan-Dalton.

Chovan-Dalton said, “These will be our last ‘Twosday Talks’ of the semester and I am delighted to welcome artists Jackie Neale and Mel Evans who will share their works and discuss their personal approaches to artistic expression.

About the artists

Jackie Neale is a Brooklyn and Philadelphia-based artist, photographer, imagery specialist, cinematographer and producer who is inspired by interpersonal relationships and the barrier that disappears/appears once a camera is introduced into the mix. Also an author, Neale focuses on using historical, traditional, digital and experimental processes for multimedia documentary portraiture projects. A professor of photography at Saint Joseph’s University and the New York Film Academy in New York, Neale is known for her social activism work and her chronicling of the immigration experience in the United States and Europe.

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Exhibitions of Neale’s photographs have been mounted in galleries and museums across the United States. She has appeared on National Public Radio and in the documentary “Time Zero: The Last Year of Polaroid Film”. Her work has appeared in editorial magazines across the United States, online, and as collateral for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Neale recently raised funds to self-publish her photo book, “#SubwaySeries.”

Mel Evans joins “Twosday Talks” with an impressive 40-year history of photojournalism. Taking photographs almost every working day of his life, Evans’ goal is to make every photograph as interesting and artful as the situation allows. Thousands of images of Evans have appeared in newspapers, magazines and websites in the United States and around the world.

Retiring from the Associated Press in 2017, Evans continues to take on editorial and business assignments while embarking on new projects that satisfy his own pursuits and creative desires. Currently, he is focused on taking a serious approach to alternative and historical processes in large format in his words, “trying to learn as much as possible and honor those who came before him”.

Evans is a founding member of the Monalog Collective which is a group of photographers who only use historical analog processes.

The ‘Twosday Talks’ artist presentations are an extension of the ‘Third Thursday’ series launched by Heather Palecek and Habiyb Shu’Aib as a platform for artists to showcase their work to Trenton and the regional community. The events quickly reached audiences from New York to Philadelphia. With the introduction of virtual and in-person hybrid exhibitions, JKC Gallery now showcases artists from across the United States and beyond with a global audience.

For more information on registering and participating in person or online, please visit JKCGallery.online. If you would like to learn more about the Photography and Visual Arts programs at MCCC, please click here to view the course listing.

Located at 137 North Broad Street, Trenton, New Jersey, the JKC Gallery at Mercer County Community College is a gallery of photography and works by international and regional artists. Please call for gallery hours or visit JKCGallery.online.

Poster: Courtesy of JKC Gallery, Mel Evans, Jackie Neal

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