Joe Iconis releases Halloween A(aaagh!)lbum compilation on October 21


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Joe Iconis releases Halloween compilation A (aaagh!) album 21st of October

The output of be cooler the songwriter includes 11 spooky tracks with performances from George Salazar, Andrew Rannells, Taylor Trensch, and more.

Joe Iconis
Stephanie Wessels

be cooler songwriter Joe Iconis put together a new Halloween-themed compilation featuring 10 tracks from Album, released earlier this yearand an unreleased track, “Haddonfield, 15 Years Later (For Judith) Alternative Version”.

Spooky named A (aaagh!) albumthe compilation includes performances by a number of frequent Iconis collaborators, including Liz Lark Brown, Lauren Marcus, Jeremy MorseLorinda Lisitza, Andrew RannelLance Rubin, George Salazar, Taylor TrenchcoatJared Weiss and Jason Sweet Tooth Williams. Collected tracks include songs inspired by the movies Death becomes her, psychology, beetle juiceand Misery.

To download or stream A (aaagh!) album, Click here.

The new track features a new mix (by Ian Kagey) of a track from Album which brings choral arrangements of Joel Wagoner in the foreground.

“The song is a tribute to John Carpenter’s masterpiece Halloweenreimagining Michael Myers (aka The Shape) as a man returning to his hometown after many years away,” Iconis said in a statement. “John Carpenter’s film and score have inspired me in countless ways over the years, more explicitly in the songs. and underline of be cooler (which I originally introduced when John Hughes met John Carpenter!). Jamie Lee Curtis’ legendary performance as Halloween Final Girl Laurie Strode had a huge influence on my writing Broadway bounty hunter, love in hateand the next Untitled Rogue Hunter S. Thompson. Laurie Strode is a character who symbolizes perseverance, ingenuity and, above all, survival. I hope my song does justice to her and the holidays she is most closely associated with.”

The composer, lyricist and playwright is best known for writing the music and lyrics for the musical adaptation of Ned Vizzini’s novel. be cooler. The show premiered at the Two River Theater in New Jersey before moving to Off-Broadway, then playing on Broadway and in London’s West End. He also directed the musical Punk rock girl!which had its world premiere at the Argyle Theater on Long Island.

Album and A (aaagh!) album are produced by executives Randy Zuckerberg and produced by Iconis, Ian Kagey, and Charlie Rosen. It includes the musical direction of Danielle Gimbal and chorus arrangements by Joel Waggoner.


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