“Journey of Warriors” worldwide broadcast, illustrating the most difficult expedition

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BEIJING, November 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – “Journey of Warriors”, jointly produced by Discovery, Inc. and Tencent Video, is an exciting documentary that traces the most epic journeys in history. The documentary series was recently broadcast on global platforms, such as Discovery SEA Channel and Discovery +. Josh james, the famous Discovery explorer and the world’s best survival expert, has been invited to lead a group of Chinese stars including Hon-leung Chung, Xiao Dou, Xinyu Zhang, Xujia Yan among other things to relive the dangerous journey that the Chinese military endured decades ago. By following the same routes, the team was confronted with the harshest environments imaginable, especially snowy ones. Jiajin Mountain; Changbai Mountain’s 40-degree negative temperature; the dense forest of Hainan; and the steep valleys of the Dongjiang River. The Explorers embarked on one of the most difficult survival journeys of all time and through their recorded adventures, audiences around the world can intuitively experience the survival skills and determination needed to overcome these dangerous conditions.

Josh james is no stranger to dangerous shipments. Being an expert in extreme outdoor survival, he has rich knowledge and experiences with wild animals, plants and survival in extreme environments. He previously hosted several renowned Discovery Channel documentaries including “Kings of the Wild”, “Dual Survival” and “First Man Out”. But despite being called the “Walking Wilderness Encyclopedia,” Josh has repeatedly pointed out that “Journey of Warriors” is the most difficult survival journey he has ever encountered.

The challenges are described throughout the documentary. The harsh natural environment intensely tests the physical and mental limits of the entire team, which audiences around the world can truly feel and understand. In this documentary, Discovery creatively combines real historical storylines and events with modern wilderness outdoor survival skills. He tries to make the world public feel the difficulties that China lived at that time, but in a fascinating way through time and space. It is also a unique experience for a global audience to witness Josh james Guide Chinese celebrities through these grueling and treacherous journeys and be able to observe the same historical event from two different angles.

“Journey of the warriors” bring a global audience infinitely closer to real historical experiences through real life entertainment. It is a documentary that merges humanities, history, adventure and physical geography. A remarkable combination that will attract the attention of the global public.

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