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Cameron Diaz is the latest person to follow the trend of not eating once in a while to stay slim.

While speaking to Gwyneth Paltrow during a GOOP interview, the “Shrek” actress praised “intermittent fasting.”

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“It’s worth it – it helps you stay aware of what you’re putting into your body,” she said. “We all start out in a great place, but it’s easy to end up drifting further and further away from the place that’s your optimum.”

In addition to short-term fasting, Cameron, who shares daughter Raddix with husband Benji Madden, said she cuts calories by not snacking.

“I’m the mother of a two-year-old, so we both have a little of this and a little of that, and do I need to snack as much as she does all day?” she says. “Doing a little reset kind of brings you back. It helps you be more present in the moment, staying aware of what you’re saying and what you’re doing.”

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Having essentially retired from acting, Cameron has been able to focus on her well-being in a number of ways, noting that she rarely wears makeup anymore.

“I wore makeup every day for most of my life, because of work, and my skin was really exhausted. I always had a breakout,” she said. “And since I stopped wearing a lot of them, in my 40s – obviously I’m older too, but I had breakouts well into my 40s – I like my skin a lot better.”

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Earlier this year, the ‘Something About Mary’ star opened up about rejecting Hollywood beauty standards.

“I am absolutely a victim of all the societal objectification and exploitation that women are subjected to,” she told ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ star Michelle Visage. “I’ve bought them all myself at times. It’s hard not to, it’s hard not to look at yourself and judge yourself against other beauty markers.”

Although having “a billion [beauty] products,” Cameron said she “never” even washed her face.

“Twice a month, if I’m lucky, I’m like, ‘Oh, I better put this on. Once works, right? “Is that all I have to do?” I’m just not where I put the energy right now,” she said, noting that her main focus these days is to “stay strong.”

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