Laced with landmines, traps

Year 2022? We don’t need a diviner. We also don’t require an astronomer to know what you have in store for us.

Even now we can feel that your index fingers are restless. They confront us and look us in the face. They are scary and frightening.

Indicators are not pleasant. They point to the negative.

Our heartbeats speed up to the nearest second. And it is extremely dangerous.

We are in the throes of an unusual misfortune. Whenever we look back, our previous years have always been “better”. This is strange. It can only happen here in our strange climate.

It has been a bitter experience the whole time. Our fate, what a heavy cross! If it happens that way, this time around we might be gone forever. God forgive!

Unfortunately, our leaders are not helping matters. We are getting confused. Their actions, inactions and body language cause enormous damage to us. The calamities and the losses are enormous.

And nothing stops them. We find ourselves naked without a viable alternative. Their policies and decisions are our nightmare. We moan and moan and moan. We even bleat.

Poor us, no end in sight. They seem to enjoy our pain, our sobs and our cries. This is where they find satisfaction and fulfillment. The reason they selfishly boast about being efficient.

They continue to beat their plump chests. They continue to shamelessly deploy the moon figures as achievements. Data and statistics, which are at odds with what we experience on a daily basis.

Their demands are at odds with the harsh realities on the ground. Yet they stick to the lie. They are comfortable at home with lies.

They mortally cling to their fabrications, falsifications and fictions. They ignore our feelings. We don’t matter to them.

That’s why they decide to suffocate us to death. And they mean it. They want to suffocate the rest of the life in us. That they have taken us from “top to bottom” over the past six years is not enough for them.

They remain restless and reluctant. They are not happy, we still have a little happiness in us. They insist that we are stranded. And completely too! This is where they are heading.

So? In 2022, they want us to end it. We must be buried for them to live. It’s a package. Their remaining 17 months should be horrible and miserable for us.

It is the horrible picture they paint us in their rooms. They produce sinister and horrific plans and formulas and plans.

Recently, they dressed up such a draft finance bill. Whatever that means to them. They shared the pain, tears and blood there. He must be unleashed on us in 2022.

They badly labeled him Finance Bill. But we thought differently. We have rightly given it its real name: Overburden Tax Bill.

This is exactly what it is. And it stays that way forever. No facade, no false baptism of any kind. It’s Killer Tax Bill (KTB). That we know and are sure.

One of them, Zainab Ahmed, opened it almost two weeks ago. She holds strong for President Muhammadu Buhari as Minister of Finance.

She was pretty honest. She told us to prepare for more difficulties. The bill will impose higher taxes on us. She was frank. We cannot escape it in 2022. And it is the truth.

She was not joking: “Our aspiration is to do a mid-term review with the possibility of another finance bill in the middle of the year 2022 to make more amendments. »No more suffering!

It was the Trade Union Congress (TUC) that brought him closer to us. Its president, Quadri Olaleye, took the trouble to break it. He told us in no uncertain terms:

“The increase in taxes through the National Assembly finance bill will throw more Nigerians into the workforce and more businesses will close.”

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He proposed far-reaching solutions. He defended deeply the common man, the oppressed among us. He called for the reduction of the tax on electronic money transfers from N50 to N10. He considered this to be multiple taxation. His grouse:

“The levy should only affect the transfer of 50,000 naira or more and the 15 percent federal and 85 percent state split formula should be maintained.”

Olaleye was meticulous: “Anyone or worker receiving as little as N50,000 per month should be exempt from personal income tax. The N 30,000 in the law should be increased to N 50,000 as tax relief for low incomes.

“The current rate of value added tax (VAT) should be reduced from 7.5% to its initial rate of 5%. His reason: “Organizations and workers already face multiple taxes, which to a large extent discourages investors. “

He put it as he saw fit: “The federal government and all decision-makers should develop policies that will be inclusive, redistribute wealth and reorient the socio-economic behavior of the population.

You can’t blame Olaleye. He spoke to the throne like an oracle. We must be taxed out of existence. They are not kind enough to consider the wounds inflicted on us.

Let us come to the present moment. You will surely cry over our sorry state. We are already overloaded, overloaded, overloaded and heavily loaded. All of this and more has happened to us over the past six years.

Horrible samplers from our agony would baffle you. They are everywhere trend: “A stamp duty introduced on your savings accounts; VAT up five percent under PDP to 7.5 percent; Fuel price up from N87 to N165 and the $ exchange rate up from N180 to N580.

“Debt of $ 8 billion to $ 90 billion, all in six years; inflation now stands at 18% compared to 6% before 2015 and unemployment has reached a record level of around 40%!

“Today we are number two in the world as the most terrorized country.”

And our stiff-necked leaders still pretend to ignore our woes. They would rather choose to torment us more. They never envision any semblance of relief for us.

For them, we should not have this rare opportunity. Luxury will be too much for us to manage. It will spoil us even more. It is their bizarre thought; so absurd and horrible.

All bad souls! Faced with this bleak future, the government is unfazed. They don’t mean well to us. They go ahead by plotting, playing kites with our lives.

They walk there, caps in hand, borrowing with abundant carefree. They know they probably wouldn’t be there to pay him back. They choose to endanger the unborn generations.

The 2021-2025 National Development Plan is their turnkey tool. And they make the most of it. Guess what, the 50.22 trillion naira debt is their target. They desperately want to get there by 2023. They would have exhausted us by the time they are done with us.

This is the next level they take us to. Nothing will bother them. They roar like a lion, moving like a bulldozer at the speed of light.

These strange and disturbing species! They won’t stop making our life more unbearable. The loan is their ultimate. The more they borrow, the happier they are. We are beyond their appalling calculation.

Whether we have survived this far remains a mystery to them. They cannot understand it. They wonder how we did it. They are saddened that we have had their last six years still standing.

This frustration is reflected in their arrogant words. They do it with disdain and pride. They open their wild mouths wide. They spew out lies, lies, misinformation, misinformation, et al.

They are pronouncing what is not as if it is. And they swear it. The approach is despicable. They keep repeating the same lies over and over again. It is their stock in the trade. #Loriiro that’s it!

These are the landmines that will be laid for us in 2022. These are the pitfalls we face on a daily basis. The very work of our leaders. And it is deliberate.

The reason why we have to walk smoothly and precisely. We have to be extremely careful. These are the leaders we hate to desire.

And God will see us through.

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