Maverick, a sequel for all the right reasons


The following article contains spoilers for Top Gun: Maverick.

In today’s film industry, it always seems like studios are eager to jump on the next reboot or sequel to capitalize on collective nostalgia, an appropriate if predictable content strategy. However, Top Gun: Maverick achieves what very few movies can do by bringing a definitive ’80s classic to 2022 as if not a single year had passed, but with all the modern enhancements expected of a contemporary blockbuster.


That said, we have to start by admitting Top Gun: Maverick thrives on nearly every single one of the same escapist elements the original had, a statement that, given the film’s early critical and commercial reception, goes hand-in-hand with it being incredibly entertaining. That’s because Maverick’s childish charms continue to work wonders with audiences who might be more thirsty for a good, old-fashioned, fun movie that perfectly blends art, craft, tricks and strong feelings.

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Maverick’s Return

Superior gun was an outright hit in 1986, although the film had a relatively modest budget of $15 million which rid Tony Scott’s film of venture business status, it went on to make over 20 times that much, c That’s why it’s such a welcome sight to see Tom Cruise return with even more fancy jets and special effects at his disposal. The actor has said in the past that he is unwilling to reprise his role as the Maverick unless two factors are aligned, one being that advancements in technology progress sufficiently to provide an airplane experience. more satisfying hunting.

In the end, what the two Superior gun the films lack in gripping narratives or complex storytelling which they more than certainly make up for with the high-flying action depicted onscreen. The pure spectacle in Top Gun: Maverick is as good as it gets for Hollywood, with the help of the US Navy so that the film’s flight sequences are all shot in real airplanes, the actors actually having to undergo proper military training to be fit for duty to maintain the g-force air travel.

Authenticity is at an all-time high in Top Gun: Maverick and the story achieves its sole purpose of passing off as an actual character arc for Captain Pete Mitchell, whose life has progressed about exactly the way it needed to for this sequel to make sense. Maverick is far from exhausted, he’s the most accomplished pilot in the Navy, though he never gave up his immature ways, he’s been in every war the United States has fought, his reputation is exactly what the plot needs and his relationship with Goose’s son, Rooster (perfectly cast in Miles Teller), makes him vulnerable.

All in all, it never feels Top Gun: Maverick tries too hard to justify its existence, it’s a perfectly wholesome reminder of great cinema that comes at the perfect time for its signature star, now that Cruise is ready to drop his action-packed adventure in Impossible mission. Above all, maverick is probably a better movie than the original Superior gun for the way it adapts all those 80s cliches to modern cinema and it’s a feat that very few franchises can boast of, just ask the terminator.

They don’t make them like they used to

Despite all the similarities between the two, Top Gun: Maverick breaks the mold by making Pete Mitchell more vulnerable than he’s ever been. Not only does he lose control of his career once Iceman dies, but the audience is also reminded that Maverick could be killed at any moment. In a time when James Bond can die, making audiences feel the genuine fear of losing Maverick is the perfect contrast to the sense of immortality he enjoys in the original.

Speaking of which, Val Kilmer’s cameo also acts as a perfect reminder of how much time has passed since. Superior gun came out, as real health issues saw the former Batman overcoming throat cancer in a battle that was chronicled in its own documentary and is also discussed in maverick to explain the limited role of the admiral. It’s all meant to be a make-believe drama, except it’s not, as this may be one of Kilmer’s last roles, if not his last film appearance.

It might not be so obvious at first, but Maverick must have grown over all these years, and seeing Cruise ready to go on a deadly mission after saying his goodbyes is just as profitable as the film’s final minutes. . be. Don’t make a mistake, Top Gun: Maverick is an absolute showcase of militarism, flashy multi-million killing machines, and the star power of Tom Cruise, but it’s pretty classy in the way it handles those topics or, at the very least, as modest as the original .

First of all, it’s really about Top Gun: Maverick Being an absolutely fantastic movie, it might not be the deepest or the most thoughtful, but that’s not really what it’s aiming for. Unlike so many others, maverick isn’t meant to be a sequel setting up another sequel or a soulless cash grab, it’s Cruise’s dispatch to one of cinema’s most iconic characters, and that’s incredibly entertaining doing this.

Top Gun: Maverick is currently in theaters.

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