Meghan Markle sends message to royals she’s ‘calling the shots’ in new photos as Prince Harry looks like ‘sidekick’, expert says


New photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle send a message to the Royal Family that Meghan is ‘calling the shots’, while Harry looks like his ‘sidekick’, a royal expert shares. The Sussexes’ body language in the new images emphasizes Meghan, the expert believes.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images

New photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle released

Photographer Misan Harriman has posted the photos he took of Harry and Meghan when they attended the One Young World summit in September. Meghan delivered a speech at the event’s opening ceremony.

In the color photo, Meghan is wearing a red outfit while facing the camera and giving a serious expression. Harry stands smiling behind her and located at an angle to the camera.

A black and white photo shows the Sussexes in profile, staring straight ahead while holding hands. “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex moments before attending the @OneYoungWorld Opening Ceremony last month,” Harriman wrote in the caption.

Royal expert says Meghan Markle is ’emphasizing’ new images

Journalist and loose women Presenter Jane Moore analyzed the new photos and found that Meghan’s body language sent a message to the royal family.

In an article she wrote for The Sun, Moore compared one of the new photos to the couple’s Time magazine cover photo, pointing out that “at least Harry doesn’t look like Meghan’s famous hairdresser this time around.” .

Moore continued, “But have no doubt that Meghan is still the eye-catcher as her husband takes on a more sidekick stance.”

The reporter pointed to Meghan’s power outfit and how “she looks straight down the barrel of the camera lens with an authoritative air”, adding that “Harry looks slightly sheepish”.

She added: “They are tying their fingers together in a show of unity, but the overall message of the image is that she is literally and metaphorically wearing the pants.”

Meghan Markle is sending the message to the Royal Family that she’s ‘always the one pulling the strings’, says reporter

While Moore noted there was “nothing wrong with that in a modern relationship,” she said there was a larger message being conveyed in the photo.

“But given the context of the last few weeks and what is to come, it could also be interpreted as a message to Harry’s family that not only are the Sussexes strong as an island unit, but it’s always Meghan. who pulls the strings,” she wrote.

The reporter added: “And that, given her fractured relationship with her own father and half-siblings, she could persuade Harry that he too doesn’t need anyone in his life but her and the children. “

Expert says Harry and Meghan are ‘entering a more low-key phase’

Moore shared his thoughts on the rumors that Harry and Meghan are “hastily trying to sweeten the pomegranates they planned to throw across the Atlantic to fund their lavish lifestyles”.

This includes Harry reportedly making changes to his upcoming memoir and planning for the couple to edit their Netflix documentary. They also parted ways with PR firm Sunshine Sachs.

“Perhaps it’s a sign that the supposedly privacy-hungry Sussexes are now entering a more low-key phase that won’t capitalize on Harry’s royal status as much,” Moore wrote.

“Let’s hope so. But the fact that they allowed that last photo to be released maybe suggests otherwise,” she added.

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