National Geographic’s SUPERFACTORIES will feature Walton today

National Geographic Channel Presents SUPERFACTORIES is set to take viewers inside Walton’s state-of-the-art factory in Gazipur, Bangladesh, the local electronics giant said in a press release.

The documentary about the Bangladeshi electronics and technology giant will premiere at 8:30 p.m. (Bangladesh time) today (Saturday, February 26, 2022), giving viewers an insight into the manufacturing process of Walton and its success. Walton is the first Bangladeshi company to be featured in National Geographic’s SUPERFACTORIES series.

National Geographic is a documentary-based commercial television channel. Its programs are broadcast in English with audio streams dubbed in Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil and other languages, with non-fiction documentaries that involve nature, science, culture and history. Bangladesh Cable Operator (Dish Connection) subscribers and DTH users can watch the channel.

The 44-minute documentary will show Walton’s journey and operations to become the number one brand in Bangladesh, educating viewers on how Walton established Bangladesh as a hub for tech products through manufacturing, marketing and marketing. export of electronics and kitchen appliances, including mobile phones, laptops and even elevators.

The continuing story of Walton’s significant contributions to the electronics industries will be featured in the documentary. It will also show Walton’s dream and plan to transform an agricultural country into a hub of electronics and technology products, with the slogan “Made in Bangladesh”.

‘SUPERFACTORIES: Walton’ will unveil the story behind the successful application of modern engineering, operation and innovation that underpins the manufacture of Walton’s iconic product line. The documentary showcases Walton’s inspiring journey as a consumer electronics pioneer who made a significant contribution to the world of electronic goods in the country.

Viewers will also get a glimpse of the various measures and activities taken by Walton to ensure an enabling environment for future generations. Walton’s dream journey to become a global brand under the leadership of the younger generation will also be at the center of the program. The documentary shines a light on the brand’s promise to reach every home in the world through its progressive technological power.

Walton’s Marketing Director, Mohammad Firoj Alam said, “Walton has become a catalyst for economic development in Bangladesh. Walton represents Bangladesh on the world stage in the fields of engineering and technological advancement.

“In this documentary, we wanted to share our success story with domestic and foreign audiences. We believe the world will see a new Bangladesh rich in electronics and technology through the program that will help achieve Walton’s “Vision Go Global” goal of becoming one of the world’s top brands in ‘by 2030.”

National Geographic India authorities said, “At National Geographic, we strive to spread inspiring stories across the globe, through insightful narratives. Our popular SUPERFACTORIES series was created to give viewers a better understanding of high-tech factories and expand their knowledge.

“With this latest edition, we aim to showcase the fascinating journey of the Walton Group, highlighting their innovative approach to adapting to changing technology and consumer needs, which has helped them make strides forward significant within the consumer electronics industry.”

“SUPERFACTORIES: Walton” will premiere in SD and HD formats from the National Geographic Channel. The documentary will air again at 10:30 a.m. (Bangladesh time) on March 6, Match 13, Match 27, April 2 and April 3 and at 8:30 p.m. (Bangladesh time) on Match 12 and March 19.

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