Netflix Confirms Jackass 4.5 Release Date With Ridiculous New Stunt Video

Netflix has officially set a release date for Jackass 4.5, a deleted scene compilation from Jackass Forever, by releasing a new stunt video

Netflix has officially set a release date for donkey 4.5, a compilation of deleted scenes from Asshole forever, by posting a new stunt video. Fooled forever marks the fourth installment of the iconic Donkey series, which follows a group of friends who perform increasingly dangerous and admittedly silly stunts for the camera, all in the name of comedy. Donkey originally started as a series on MTV and quickly became the channel’s most successful show. In 2002, the series received its first feature film and never looked back.

the Donkey gang designs and shoots many more stunts than appear in the final cut of each film. In the past, this left them open to releasing movies between each official Donkey installment which are compilations of deleted scenes from previously released films. So far, fans have been treated to donkey 2.5 and donkey 3.5. Even before Fooled forever was officially released, the minds behind the film had confirmed that a donkey 4.5 would be on the way. Since the release of Asshole forever, the cast highlighted the stunts that will be featured in donkey 4.5, but so far no release date has been set.

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In a recent tweet from netflix, the streaming service revealed that donkey 4.5 will be landing on their site on May 20, as well as revealed a preview of a wild new stunt from the film. According to the tweet, the stunt was titled “Swingset Gauntlet” and it looks incredibly painful, to say the least. The concept is quite simple. The crew members dressed in inflatable animal costumes slide past a swing on a makeshift treadmill, while other cast members swing on the swings and attempt to throw them. Many animals are certainly thrown very far, especially when given an exercise ball to hold. See the full tweet below:

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After watching the full video, it’s almost hard to understand how many Donkey gang are able to stand after. Add to that the fact that the cast shot enough of those stunts to fill two feature films. Donkey movies, and one certainly gains a new respect for the endurance of one’s body, if not one’s brain. That said, everyone laughs throughout the video, and despite how painful it sounds, it looks like everyone had a great time.

As the Donkey the crew ages, it’s likely that fewer of these films will be seen in the future, given the impact a swinging adult kick can have on the body. In effect Fooled forever acted a bit like a nostalgia movie and concluded in a sentimental way that gave the sense of finality, at least for now. That said, fans of the series won’t have to say goodbye yet, as they still have a full movie coming May 20th. donkey 4.5 certainly looks like he won’t hold anything back.

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Source: Netflix (via Twitter)

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