Netflix’s New Brazilian Movie “Lulli” Seems To Forget The Importance Of Conflict

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Netflix has its fair share of romantic comedy; while some of these movies nail it, others seem to have forgotten how to use the hammer as well as the basic rules of its genre. There is a difference between a light comedy, where the problems of its main character are not entirely problems, but there are still obvious friction for the character to resolve, than having a movie that has forgotten the importance of the conflict.

Lulli‘is a Brazilian romantic comedy that features a predictable plot and a superficial set of characters. Looking at ‘Lulli‘, you find it a real pleasure to realize that the premise is obvious from the start, as it quickly lets you decide if you should keep watching for its first five minutes.

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Who is Lulli?

Lulli is a bright-eyed, enthusiastic but very selfish medical student whose greatest ambition is to become a surgeon. Lulli suffered over the years of medical training, and now, on the first day of her residency, she’s about to embark on a three-day makeover (or so it seems).

Lulli suffers from a few illnesses known as selfishness and selfishness, which makes her believe that she has the right answers even when she doesn’t. Lulli’s character is brilliant, but his arrogance makes him ignore his flaws. Her most important flaw is that she is unable to listen which affects every aspect of her life and does not allow her to be a qualified doctor or even a good person.

As Lulli performs a medical exam on an older man, the machine reports an error. Lulli makes matters worse and takes a tangent, approaching the machine and believing she’s about to save the day. Instead, a sudden electric shock ends up injuring Lulli and her ex-beau. She then wakes up in a hospital bed, finding herself able to listen to the thoughts of others.

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Good intentions, not so good execution

Lulli’sThe creators set out to explore the concept of listening to others, but while the idea may have sprung from pure intentions, the execution of the film was developed on a superficial level.

It’s a mix of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘What Women Want’ – Well, sort of.

Think about ‘Lulli‘like a modern’Grey’s Anatomyminus the scorching sex scenes in the elevator, a handsome Dr. Shepard, and the moralizing voiceovers of Meredith Gray. Plus, permanently erase any heartbreaking endings you find, especially in that 2008 season that made you whine at the end of every episode. Add a bit of the famous romantic comedy with Mel Gibson at its peak, ‘What women Want‘in there. But stop the struggle that Mel Gibson’s character had to go through, where he actually had to try to be in someone else’s shoes to achieve his character’s goal. The footsteps of ‘Lulli’ try to venture towards these creations, but rather fall behind on these fantastic productions.

As the days the movie unfolded, it seemed like the conflicts Lulli found himself in could be resolved in seconds. A failed relationship wasn’t really a failed relationship. A ruined career wasn’t exactly a ruined career, and what seemed like a magical power vanished like any other issue in Lulli’s life, in the blink of an eye and without any difficulty on Lulli’s part. .

Julio’s closed debacle

Jules (Sergio malheiros) is Lulli’s best friend who finds himself in a breakup, whether or not he shares his sexuality with the world. Not everything needs to be found heavy, but even if it turns out that ‘Lulli‘found a space for LGBTQ + representation. The Brazilian film finds itself with the power to deliver a compelling and charming message. But instead, Julio’s coming out was described as the butt of a joke, and a locked-in gay man’s struggle was played down for no other reason than cheap comedy.

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Lulli and Diego

Lulli appears on screen with beautiful red hair, an incredibly intelligent demeanor, and a handsome boyfriend, who we’ll later find out is almost too perfect to be true, but between Lulli’s selfishness, she has almost everything. lost. Almost, being the keyword. The lack of backstory between Lulli’s love interest, Diego (Vinicius redd), leaves audiences unsure of what to feel when a potential breakup is about to happen. Every now and then, the build-up of Lulli’s perspective was fragile, as the reasoning behind Lulli’s emotions was often unclear. It seemed that the creators of “Lulli” forgot to guide their audiences regarding Lulli’s feelings towards Diego. It also seemed like Lulli’s character didn’t deserve Diego’s sweetness, and he was way too quick to forgive him.

Lulli’s best friends

Although ‘Lulli‘fell behind a lot of great films similar to its genre and delivered a pretty shallow world, there were some high marks nonetheless. The film managed to deliver sweet jokes and a great supporting character. Vanessa, Lulli’s best friend (Amanda De Godoi) manages to eclipse any best friend character I’ve seen in a while. Brazilian child star Larissa Manoela plays the character of Lulli. Manoela’s performance trumps the story provided to her, as she is no fan when it comes to acting. Manoela gives a fair performance, delivers Lulli’s personality as it should.

The friendships created around each character helped create some beautiful character arcs. Lulli’s best friends helped soften Lulli’s selfishness and improbability because if she has such cool best friends that means there must be something good about her, right? ?

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The old-fashioned rivalry

A rivalry between Vanessa and another classmate initiated over a boy takes us back to the beginning of anti-feminist ideals, protruding two young women against each other for a man’s taste. The initial idea of ​​the friction between these two seemed unnecessary. Although the two women end up loving each other, I can’t help but think that there may have been some other reason behind the dislike of each other.

And so…

It seems like ‘Lulli‘can be considered a soft comedy, targeting a younger audience known to ignore the obvious, making the creators of’Lulli” telling the story to your audience instead of showing it. ‘Lulli‘could accomplish to define a love story in the end, one that we weren’t sure we were watching.

Where to look

Watch “Lulli” now on Netflix!


Amanda De Godoi, Larissa Manoela, Vinicius Redd, Sergio Malheiros, Yara Charry, Nicolas Ahnert, Paula Possani, Gabriel Contente, Ana Mangueth, Carlos Arthur Tire, Guilherme Fontes, Luciana Braga, Marcos Breda/ Voice (English): Ava Collins, Presciliana Esparolini, Justice Gamble, Brianna Knickerbocker

Written by: Renato Fagundes & Thalita Rebouças /Directed by: Caesar Rodrigues

By Ana Cobo

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