Outlander and other movies and shows to watch on Netflix May 14, 2022


Summer draws closer and closer as May 2022 comes halfway through, the weather warms up and schools wrap up for the season across the country. Netflix continues to roll out an impressive lineup of movies and TV shows on its digital platform, giving audiences plenty to choose from as they kick back and enjoy the weekend from the comfort of their home. And CBR is here to help you choose the best movies and TV shows, from crime thrillers to historical dramas.

Here are the biggest and best movies and shows streaming on Netflix this week, including classic movies trending on the streaming service and new premieres debuting this week.

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Lincoln’s Lawyer Brings the Crafty Lawyer to TV

Thomas Connelly’s popular literary character, Mickey Haller, is adapted for television with Lincoln’s lawyer on Netflix. Although it shares the same name as Connelly’s 2005 novel, introducing criminal defense attorney Haller, and its 2011 film adaptation starring Matthew McConaughey as the role, the first season adapts the 2008 novel by Connelly. The brass ring. And while McConaughey won’t be reprising his role, with Manuel Garcia-Ruffo replacing him, legal bravery is just as important as it was on the big screen.

As Haller resumes his career as a legal defense attorney in Los Angeles, he stumbles upon a murder mystery that strikes him especially close to home. Scheduled to last ten episodes and developed for television by prolific writer and producer David E. Kelley, Lincoln’s lawyer is about to show Haller at his best. Joining Garcia-Ruffo is an impressive cast led by Neve Campbell as the lawyer returns to action on Netflix.

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Outlander continues its great romantic epic

The period romance novel series Foreign brings its fifth season to Netflix, continuing the saga of a once-misplaced love story that thrives in 18th Scotland. Based on Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling novel series, the TV adaptation transported 20th-century nurse Claire Randall centuries back in time where she falls in love with a mountain man named Jamie Fraser. And as the Jacobite Rising challenges English rule over Scotland, with bloody consequences, Claire and Jamie struggle to stay alive and keep their romance afloat.

Foreign In Season 5, Claire and Jamie move to colonial North Carolina after barely escaping the heartbreaking conflict in Scotland. As the American Revolution brews, Jamie assembles a militia to take on a paramilitary force confronting corrupt officials in North Carolina. And as tensions lead to a new wave of violence in the colonies, Jamie and his family once again find themselves targeted by the British military.

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Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Sustainable War streamlines anime’s first season

This month sees the return of the CG anime series Ghost in the shell: SAC_2045, rebooting the classic manga franchise created by Masamune Shirow. Ahead of the series’ second season premiere in late May, Netflix has put together a compilation movie to help audiences prepare. Title Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Lasting Warthe film compiles and streamlines the twelve-episode first season for a unique and long-lasting viewing experience.

Set eleven years after the events of the animated film Ghost in the Shell: Autonomous Complex – Solid State Society, an economic crisis completely devalues ​​money in all its forms. In order to keep their economies going, the world’s major governments launch a lasting war, employing mercenaries to fight the battles. This leads to the discovery of a global conspiracy that could upend this carefully nurtured conflict into something far more sinister.

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U.S. Marshals Continue Fugitive Story With Well-Done Pursuit

After winning the Oscar for her performance in 1993 The fugitive as U.S. Marshal Sam Gerard, Tommy Lee Jones reprized his fan-favorite role in the 1998 follow-up US Marshals. Gerard is back to lead a new nationwide search for a missing suspect, this time tied to an international clandestine intrigue rather than a domestic homicide. And while the spin-off film lacked the Harrison Ford star power of The fugitiveWesley Snipes and Robert Downey, Jr. have more than taken over to create another tense adventure.

Snipes stars as Mark Sheridan, a man accused of murdering two Diplomatic Security Service agents and stealing top-secret information related to the Chinese government. After Sheridan’s prison transport crashes and he escapes, Gerard assembles his elite team of marshals to scour the country in search of the high-level fugitive. US Marshals takes back so much of what made The fugitive great while raising the stakes and pitting Snipes against his co-star Downey in an expertly paced thriller.

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The Gentlemen is British crime at its finest

If there’s one filmmaker who has redefined what British crime films are in the modern era, it’s Guy Ritchie. Since lock, reserve and two smoking barrels for To tear out, Ritchie’s stylized ensemble films have explored the illicit underworld of British culture as his underworld casts cross paths and manipulate each other for success. Ritchie returned to gender with 2019 Gentlemenwriting, directing and producing the acclaimed film.

Matthew McConaughey leads an all-star cast as American drug kingpin Mickey Pearson in the UK, who plans to sell his vast empire and retire peacefully. This plan is derailed, however, when various criminal underworld figures surface to claim this lucrative syndicate for themselves, leading to deception and violence. Although Ritchie had a successful film career outside of creating crime films, Gentlemen is a welcome return to form and reminds audiences why it is truly unrivaled in the genre.

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