Pedro Almodóvar to shoot his first film in English with Cate Blanchett

Pedro Almodóvar has wanted to adapt for some time Manual for cleaners, the book by writer Lucia Berlin. The main problem he encountered was that the adaptation rights had expired, which meant that The Desire (the producer of the two Almodóvar brothers) He could no longer produce the film so desired by the director of La Mancha. However, a Hollywood star came to the rescue. According to the variety, the producer of actress Cate Blanchett obtained the rights to the book and contacted the Spanish producer to finally complete this project.

The story of Manual for cleaners is a compilation of over 40 stories, focused on the suffering of different deaths in different countries and continents. Thereby, Dirty films (producer of Blanchett), Photos of El Deseo and the New Republic they will direct a script already written, once the final promotion of Parallel mothers, the film that could get the bizarre Oscar nomination for Penelope Cruz and composer Alberto Iglesias.

The Oscar winner for best screenplay for talk to him in 2003 He will thus shoot his first film in English, sometimes alternating with Spanish, since this adaptation will have to unite in a single plot, a plot that is located halfway between the United States and other regions of the world. AT Cate Blanchett we could see it recently in Don’t look up and January 21, will be presented in theaters The alley of lost souls, the latest film directed by Mexican Guillermo el Toro.

Blanchett, she is not the first international actress with which Pedro Almodóvar collaborates. After Pain and Glory, the filmmaker directed the Oscar winner Tilda Swinton en Human voice, a piece that could be described as both a short and medium-length film. Most European writers sooner or later end up making an English cassette for many works that made at the beginning of their filmographies. A perfect example of this is seen in cases like that of Wong Kar-Wai, who after filming a good number of projects in Beijing filmed in the United States My blueberry nights, with Jude Law and Norah Jones.

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