Peter Jackson says Dead Alive 4K remastered in the works

The “Lord of the Rings” director is working hard to bring a cult horror comedy classic to life for a whole new audience.

Living Dead of Peter Jackson
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It’s hard to see Peter Jackson today makes anything but great epic adventure films. However, like all great directors, that’s not how he got his start. While promoting his new documentary series The Beatles: Come Back in an interview with Uproxx, The Hobbit the director spoke about one of his first films Undead (Where Brain death known elsewhere in the world). In the interview, Jackson revealed that a 4K remaster of the 1992 horror comedy was in the works, stating, “We got a little bit delayed making this Beatles movie, but we’re trying to remaster all of those early movies. … “He continued by saying:

“So we’re doing a remaster and a fully digital 4K stuff and it looks awesome. But we tried to do all of that in between the Beatles stuff, and it was put on a shelf for a while. But hopefully. -le, in a year or so they will be released remastered. ”

The film that follows a zombie outbreak caused by a hybrid monkey-rat was far from a box office success when it was released, but since its release nearly 30 years ago, it has become a cult classic. He played Timothy Balme, Diana penalver, Elizabeth moody, Ian watkin, and was co-written by Jackson.


Image via TriMark Pictures

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For a certain generation, Jackson is a filmmaker who is only known for his contributions to Middle-earth and his ambitious remake of King Kong, but I hope this remaster helps fans go back and discover a side of the director that hasn’t been seen in decades. Jackson was primarily known for his genre comedies and free movies like Undead Where the scary ones we would never have had the fantastic epics that would define his modern career.

Remastering older movies in 4K seems to be all the rage right now with companies like Scream Factory or Arrow Video offering movies like Wes craven‘s The hills Have Eyes as well as the first five Halloween movies in. Last month Paramount brought the original Scream, another horror classic from the 90s, in 4K for the first time. While it’s not clear whether this film will get a physical 4K version or just a digital edition, it’s safe to say the film has never looked better since Jackson himself is overseeing the project.

Currently Undead isn’t the easiest film to find in the physical market, which makes this release even more exciting, and the filmmaker’s other early work may see the same treatment in the future. Jackson’s next completed project, The Beatles: Come Back releases on Disney + on November 25. For all the latest director news, stay with Collider.

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