Playful People Productions Presents the Original Interactive Musical AXOLORIS, July 1-2, 2022


Playful People Productions will present an interactive and original musical, Axolorisunder the direction of Celia Scheuerman.

Young actors, aged 10 to 16, interpret this tale of discover not only the importance of protecting their community from an energy crisis, but also discover themselves. Axoloriswritten by and under the musical direction of Sean Mendelsonwill perform at the Historic Hoover Theater in San Jose, July 1-2, 2022.

For tickets ($20, in-person or live, available starting June 10), or for more information on Playful People and their programs, visit or call (408) 878-5362.

Axoloris takes place in an imaginary future world where humans have created an ecologically stable society – thanks in large part to a magical creature, Axoloris, who visited millions of people in their dreams in 2020 with inspirational messages of innovation for Protect the planet. Spurred by this collective vision, people have built hydroelectric plants to power their communities and self-driving robots to help humans remember and fulfill their responsibility to the planet.

In this imagined future of 2050, robots not only advise humans on environmental choices, but clean homes, transport humans within their communities, even serve as surrogate bodies for humans who can’t – or won’t. not – leave the house. Virtual Reality is ubiquitous, and the children of this world have never experienced the struggles of the previous generation. For them, Earth Day is just a tedious holiday and Axoloris is a myth invented to force children to do boring chores. Their attention is captured entirely by the trials of youth: unrequited crushes, overprotective parents, misdeeds that threaten to turn into real trouble, fear of following their hearts and losing friends for it. But hearts will change as they begin to realize that Axoloris is real – and so is the ever-present threat to the planet.

As an interactive show, the audience has the opportunity to choose the actions taken by the performers in this coming-of-age musical. Filled with quirky robots, children finding their way, adults trying (with questionable success) to guide them, the spiritual Earth being Axoloris – and even a trash monster and a pragmatic chicken – Axoloris offers musical enjoyment and practical advice for being a young adult.

Playwright and musical director Sean Mendelson is a singer-songwriter, recording artist, and ensemble/Kids Sing music teacher. At the age of eight he started playing the guitar and started writing music at 16. As a popular teacher in the Bay Area, he started his own Music Together center in Santa Clara in 2007. In 2013, Mendelson created Sean’s Music Factory: an interactive performance-based music experience for children. A strong advocate for children’s musical development, he not only writes traditional children’s fare, but also alternative rock and modern styles to engage parents and caregivers in the listening experience. Mendelson graduated from Santa Clara University where he majored in music and communication with an emphasis on guitar performance and songwriting. He played for six years in a band called Mirror Image, which released four albums. He has released two children’s albums and written scores for three documentaries, including one about legendary baseball player Willie Mays. Mendelson is the son of Leland “Lee” Mendelson, the Bay Area producer behind all of the Peanuts animated television specials; and he provided the voice of Franklin in It’s Christmas again, Charlie Brown and in the episode “The Mayflower Voyagers” of This is America, Charlie Brown.

Playful People Productions was founded in 2010 as a positive, inclusive, and family-oriented theater company, and has operated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit since 2017. While initially offering classes, camps, and shows for children, the company offer similar classes for adults and stage shows where family members can perform together. Most recently, the organization returned to its usual spaces at the Historic Hoover Theater in San Jose, but is continuing some of its pandemic-friendly online programming (POPs, Playful Online People) as well as video-on-demand classes.

Mother and daughter team Barbara Galiotto and Katie D’Arcey are trained in Positive Discipline; both worked as early childhood educators; and as professional directors of children’s theatre. The duo have around 50 years of experience in the world of musical theater and, with a small team of permanent staff and an array of talented directors, teachers and support staff, offer beginner to advanced theater experiences for all. family.

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