“Pon Manickavel” review: the plot is like a child’s fantasy game


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23 November 2021, 13:24

Directed by AC Mugil, ‘Pon Manickavel’ is a crime drama

Often we see children pretending to be police officers, running around with fake guns and putting on a play.

Pon Manicavel reminded me.

With no solid storyline and characters running like headless chickens to nowhere, the film is nothing but a bummer.

Even more so for the fans of Prabhu Deva who were waiting to see him play as an actor.

Here is our opinion.

Why is this story important?

Prabhu Deva’s recent films like Devi, Lakshmi, and Gulebagavali were pretty catastrophic.

When Pon Manicavel was announced, it naturally became exciting news for his fans.

But is the movie worse than Devi Where Lakshmi? Well yes!

Directed by AC Mugil, the film has Nivetha Pethuraj as the main actress, while Prabhakar plays a central role.

The film was released on Disney + Hotstar.

The storyline is predictable and lacks exciting elements

The storyline is predictable and lacks exciting elements

Prabhu Deva plays Pon Manickavel, a retired cop, who is brought back by the police to unravel the mysterious murder of a judge.

Why is this mysterious? We will never know.

The plot was so predictable that even TV soap operas outside of prime time would be shameful.

At some point, you’ll even give up on predicting what’s going to happen next.

The film takes off on a high note, but then …

The film begins with beautiful visuals of a chic house, then you will be surprised by a headless body lying down at the entrance.

It was the only exciting part of the whole movie. Pon Manickavel is investigating the case.

Nothing interests us. There are so many issues like police brutality, drug addiction and women’s safety.

And, Manickavel is everyone’s savior (duh!).

It’s nothing but a compilation of old Tamil cop dramas

It's nothing but a compilation of old Tamil cop dramas

Generally, Pon Manickavel is nothing but a rough compilation of several Tamil cop dramas. He’ll make you surrender after a few scenes.

But if you can manage to watch until the end, you will sleep well.

PS: Don’t watch the movie on a break from work or you might end up taking a cat nap.

Verdict: Pon Manickavel one star bags.

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