Red Production Company to Adapt John Boyne’s The Echo Chamber After Auction | New

UK-based StudioCanal Red Production Company has secured the rights to Irish author John Boyne’s latest novel, The Echo Chamber.

Sarah doole

After winning the auction rights, Red Production Company will turn the book into a 10 × 30 ‘recordable series, which Boyne, author of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, will adapt for screen.

Posted earlier this year, The Echo Chamber follows the privileged Cleverly family as they navigate the jungle of modern life. Not realizing how precarious their privilege is, they are just one tweet away from the disaster.

Five days is all it takes for the Cleverleys’ lives to be turned upside down and crumpled around their ears, proving that to really screw things up, all you need is a cell phone.

Sarah Doole, CEO of Red Production Company, said, “I’ve always loved John Boyne’s beautiful handwriting, but The Echo Chamber was the brightest surprise. It’s hilarious and funny – a caustic, biting satire about the cancellation of culture and modern Britain. It’s a story that absolutely is for now and it takes a writer of skill and John’s confidence to make it successful.

“The madly outrageous and spirited Cleverleys are a family begging to be introduced to the screen and their disgrace is full of the most unexpected twists and surprises. It has been described as a “British Schitt’s Creek on Acid” – and it is! “

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