Rod Wave’s New Video Might Be His Loneliest Yet, Which Is Saying A Lot


I used to think Rod’s end of perpetual sadness was holding his music back, but maybe he just needed to go even louder. The “Cold December” video doubles down on the gloom and resonates emotionally despite its ridiculousness. Is he the spokesperson for a discouraged generation? Probably not. But I can’t wait to see where he mopes next. Perhaps on a desolate ranch in the Wild West or at sea as the captain of his own yacht. The possibilities are limitless.

Jim Jones’ New Mixtape Features Shameless Trend Jumps And A Tribute To Betty White (?!)

Jim Jones has a master plan: In order to disguise the fact that his new DJ Drama-powered Gangsta Grillz mixtape is made up of glaring trends, he titled it We set the trends. Clever. So there’s a ton of exercise on this mixtape, and while it makes you sigh in theory, it’s way better than it has any right to be. Check out the Fivio Foreign-assisted “Crunk Muzik” and “Stickup,” which decently flip a vocal sample (though it’ll still make you miss the Heatmakerz).

Unfortunately, not much else on the tape makes sense. Detroit rappers like Peezy and Icewear Vezzo are there. Pressa from Toronto makes an appearance. Future signer Doe Boy gets the call. There are also other rappers who maybe got here by blackmail, or maybe they go to the same gym as Jimmy. It’s worth it for “Fit Lit (Betty White)”, a sort of tribute song to Betty White, where he raps about buying a Porsche and naming it the day he died: “RIP, the same day we lost Betty White (I love you girl) / I bought Chrissy the Porsche and of course we called her Betty White (facts).


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Speaking of Jim Jones…a brief appreciation of Cam’ron in fully paid

Last week I couldn’t pass up the chance to see the 2002 Roc-A-Fella Films classic fully paid at a special exhibition in Brooklyn. Everyone knows Cam is a supernova of energy in this movie, but her performance is all the more daring when you see her on the big screen. From his first appearance slicing guys alongside Mekhi Phifer in jail, to the infamous scene where he performs his homemade porn in the club, to his desperation during his last chat with Wood Harris, everything was so much more exciting than to watch it on my 32 inch TV. The best part: Watching the “it’s all good” montage that takes place halfway through the film as Phil Collins’ everlasting “In the Air Tonight” blared from the speakers.

Cootie: “Dead Presidents”


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The South always revolves around Gucci Mane. So when he signs an artist on his revamped 1017 Records or spotlights a rapper on a compilation tape, that’s a big deal. Last year So Icy Boyz, Arkansas rappers BiC Fizzle and Cootie stole the show with their natural chemistry. Cootie caught my eye again with her recent tape welcome to the trap. On the song “Dead Presidents”, he pairs his heavy, growling vocals with blunt trap stories, reminiscent of the work of Young Dolph or Key Glock. Obviously there’s Gucci sprinkled in there, and you can tell he’s spent time with a fundamental Atlanta mixtape like EA Sports Center of the way it tumbles to a shimmering Zaytoven-esque rhythm. Cootie has clearly been immersed in the last decades of Southern rap history, but he’s not weighed down by his influences.

Highlights of On the Radar Radio’s “Ladies Freestyle”


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Lately, On the Radar Radio has been a go-to stop for New York-area rappers looking to create some decently produced freestyle. Probably the most memorable episode is when the Bronx DThang had a out of body experience. This week, the channel brought together seven women from across the city to try their hand at Lox’s instrumental “Money, Power & Respect.” Here are some highlights:

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