Sacred Bones Records Announces Todo Muere SBXV 15th Anniversary Compilation Featuring Covers By Anika, Marissa Nadler & Boris

Photo credit: Pamela Lin

Sacred Bones Records has announced the release of a collection of label artists featuring each other’s songs to celebrate the label’s 15th anniversary. The album will be called Todo Muere SBXV and will be released on May 27.

It will feature the voices of Black Marble, Anika, SPELLING, Uniform, The Men, SQÜRL and essayist LD Deutsch. Along with a roster that celebrates spiritual unity, Sacred Bones has previously released Marissa Nadler’s rendition of “Cold Wind Blowin,” originally released by David Lynch, and Zola Jesus’ version of “I Can’t Stand” from The Hunter.

“I chose the song ‘Cold Wind Blowin’ by David Lynch because I’m a big fan of David Lynch, and not just his movies and his art, but also his music.” Nadler said. “I love the simple power of the no-frills lyrics, as well as her vocal delivery. The recitation part of this song is killer, and this is the first time I’ve tried one. I don’t want to speculate too much on the about the song because I know songs can have many meanings, but who can’t understand that a ‘cold wind is blowing’ in their heart?

Alongside the release of this upcoming album, the label will host a live event in New York on May 28 featuring artists like SPELLING, Uniform, The Men, Black Marble and Anika.

“When I was young, I really loved making mixtapes,” Sacred Bones founder Caleb Braaten said of his upcoming album release. “I loved finding a way to put John Coltrane and Subhumans on the same side of the tape. I love being able to find that across the line. I think I took a very similar approach when thinking about the artists on the label.

Photo credit: Raymond Flotat


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