Samuel L Jackson hits out at Joe Rogan for his use of the N-word: ‘That’s not the context, man’


Samuel L Jackson has weighed in on the controversy surrounding Joe Rogan after redone footage showed the podcaster using the N-word repeatedly.

Earlier this month, Grammy Award winner India Arie called out Rogan for her “language around race.”

The musician released a compilation of clips showing Rogan using the N-word 22 times in previous episodes of his hugely popular podcast.

Following backlash from the video, Rogan apologized for using the racial slur – calling it “the most regrettable and shameful thing I have ever had to speak about publicly” – but insisted on the fact that he was not racist.

“I know for most people there’s no context in which a white person is allowed to say that word — and I’m okay with that now,” he said. “I haven’t said it in years…I thought as long as it was in context, people would understand what I was doing.”

In a new interview with The temperatureJackson said it was “wrong” for Rogan to use the insult.

“He says no one understood the context when he said it,” said the actor, who the interviewer said was rolling his eyes.

“But he shouldn’t have said that. It’s not the context, man – it’s that he was comfortable doing it. Say you’re sorry because you want to keep your money, but you were having fun and you say you did it because it was entertaining.

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When asked if Rogan’s use of the N-word lacked context, the 73-year-old replied: ‘It has to be part of the story. A story is a context – but just to make people laugh? It’s wrong.”

The actor went on to talk about his filming time Django Unchained with Leonardo DiCaprio, who played a slave owner in the 2013 film.

“While we were rehearsing Django UnchainedLeo [DiCaprio] said: ‘I don’t know if I can say ‘n*****’ that many times.’ Me and Quentin said you had to do it,” Jackson recalled.

“Whenever someone wants an example of n-word abuse, they go to Quentin [Tarantino]- It is unfair. He just tells the story and the characters talk like that. When Steve McQueen does it, it’s art. It is an artist. Quentin is just a popcorn director.

Jackson and DiCaprio starred alongside Kerry Washington, Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz in Tarantino’s hit movie.

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