Santa (artist proof) hits the holiday collection from Fresh Monkey Fiction


Fresh Monkey Fiction continues to add to its collection of Christmas-themed Naughty or Nice 1:12 scale figures. The collection consists of several versions of Santa Claus, Elves and Nutcrackers that are full of details and accessories. We’ve already covered the first set of Santa figurines (here), and it looks like a new Artist Proof Santa is on the way. Add style to your very own Saint Nick artist proof which will also come with a stocking and gift. Just like the rest of Fresh Monkey Fiction Naughty or Nice Collection, this figure must reach 500 contributors to be fully funded.

We didn’t cover it last time, but Fresh Monkey Fiction also has Elves and Nutcracker figurines that can be supported as well. Standing 4 inches tall, these little guys will spice up your vacation with three elves and 4 nutcrackers coming their way. This will include Freddy, Betty and Spike Elves and all come with goodies, candy canes and interchangeable heads for each. Nutcracker, there will be Classic, Evil, Robot and Zombie versions to come, all with interchangeable drumming arms and a sword. Each Fresh Monkey Fiction Santa Claus figure will come in window box packaging with the Elves and Nutcracker in special carded shells. Prices vary for all of these Naughty or Nice Collection figures and they can be pre-orders on the right here with a winter 2022 release and you can find out more about the campaign here.

“It’s such a special time of year. We’re busy getting ready to spread the joy around the world this season, but we need your help to bring these action figures to life. Christmas during this special 6-week event. In order to create this new line of figures, we will need to collect a minimum of pre-orders during the event window so that we can start working on creating this amazing line of figures.”

“Place your pre-orders as soon as possible* as we will update the MOQ count below every 48 hours to reflect the current number. Once the counter reaches its minimum goal of 500 pieces, the figure will be unlocked and can be move into production If we don’t reach the minimum goal during the event window, your order will be canceled and the figures will not move into production at this time. If we are successful, we hope to unlock the ability to add more figurines to your Naughty or Nice Collection before the event ends!”

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