Santa Claus is coming for Fresh Monkey Fiction’s Naughty or Nice Collection


Fresh Monkey Fiction isn’t slowing down with its crowdfunding campaign as the Naughty, or Nice Collection arrives. This line features special Christmas-themed 6-inch-scale figures that are packed with detail, accessories, and three different factions on offer. Naughty or Nice Collection consists of three different lines of the figure with elves, nutcrackers and, of course, Santa Claus. Sant is the bread and butter of this campaign, with several versions offered starting with everyone’s favorite classic Santa Claus. We also get quite a few other versions of the merry companion with a zombie, a robot and even a sergeant. Santa Claus is packed with unique holiday details and accessories that collectors will appreciate.

The fun doesn’t end there as there will also be two versions of Krampus coming as well in the Naughty or Nice campaign. All of these Fresh Monkey Fiction figures are exclusive to Big Bad Toy Store and will only ship if fully backed up. It takes 500 pre-orders to unlock a figure, and so far every figure has been unlocked with the Sgt. Santa Claus, and the two Krampus not far away. Each Naughty or Nice Collection Santa is $36.99, the deluxe Krampus is $49.99. They won’t be released by the holidays of 2021, but collectors can pre-order them directly here with a holiday 2022 release date.

“Fresh Monkey Fiction, in collaboration with Arlen Pelletier and BigBadToyStore, proudly presents THE NAUGHTY OR NICE COLLECTION. A line of Christmas-themed 1:12th scale (6 inch) action figures. The Naughty or Nice Collection includes several versions of Santa including: Classic Santa, Zombie Santa, Robot Santa and Sgt. Santa plus a variety of unique elves and nutcrackers to complete your collection.

“Each figure was designed and sculpted by a toy industry veteran Arlen Pelletier (Hasbro Marvel Legends, Star Wars & Mezco 5 Points, MDS, One:12) with the attention to detail and playable articulation fans expect and deserve. The Naughty or Nice Collection is exclusively offered by our retail partner BigBadToyStore as a minimum order quantity (MOQ) pre-order item, which means we will need to reach a minimum number of pre-orders during the event to proceed. these figurines in production. . If we meet our MOQ pre-orders during the event, we’ll unlock the ability to add even more Christmas-themed stretch goal surprises to your collection.”

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