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The interrogator / Zélika Garcia

Art Matters

Latin America’s largest art fair, Zona Maco, kicked off this week in Mexico City, the first event of its kind to take place in the past two years (writes Louis Harnett O’Meara). With more than 200 exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors, it is eagerly awaited throughout the region.

Zélika García, founder and director of the fair, has overseen its growth for almost 20 years. She tells us about her current work schedule (non-stop), her caffeine intake (a lot) and what to see at Zona Maco 2022.

Tell us about your work on this year’s edition of Zona Maco.
I supervise each area of ​​the fair. That means working with the creative director, the operations team, the press, our accountants – and I work a lot with the VIP section, as many are my personal friends. We have also just launched the Zona Maco app. It’s a 24/7 schedule.

Are there any particular exhibits that you are looking forward to seeing?
I’m excited about OMR Gallery’s new project, called Lago. He opens a new cultural space and gallery in the forest of Chapultepec, Mexico City, as part of Art Week. It’s gonna be amazing.

What source of information do you wake up to?
Normally Artnet, for world news, and CNBC – I like commerce too.

Coffee, tea or something rushed to go with the headlines?
Nespresso, Nespresso, Nespresso. Many!

Something from the FM dial or Spotify for your tunes?
I play any classic channel on Spotify, to let my mind work.

What are you humming in the shower?
Do not hum; thinking. I can go through the entire floor plan of the fair in my head, from the location of each of the chairs to the corners where the trash cans are.

Five magazines for your weekend couch?
Monocle, always. I also like Gallery. And I like fashion, so vogue. New Beauty also – it’s about surgeries, creams, wrinkles, all that.

Which newspaper do you turn to?
Probably The New York Times. In Mexico, it’s usually Reformalthough I don’t like Mexican newspapers in general – there is always some form of spin.

Favorite bookstore?
Libros Libros Libros has just opened in Mexico – it’s really nice. The Increíble Librería is also incredible. It is the oldest bookstore in Mexico City.

Is that a podcast in your ear?
The artistic angle [an Artnet podcast] is good for staying informed.

What is your cultural obsession?
Georgia O’Keeffe. She’s the reason I love art. I went to his exhibition when I was young and found his work fascinating. I also admire how advanced she was for her time; I’m not a feminist, but the things she fought for were incredibly important.

And what is your favorite genre of film?
I like documentaries. Baraka is one of my favorites; it’s a compilation of beautiful silent footage from around the world.

Do you still make an appointment to watch the evening news? A favorite newsreader perhaps?
I don’t – and I hate newsreaders.

Read more about García in Tuesday’s edition of “The Monocle Daily.”

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