Sci-Fi Movies So Bad They’re Good

Calling a movie good or bad is difficult because it always includes a subjective rating. This is just as true for sci-fi movies as it is for any other genre. However, it is still possible to know a general opinion about a film based on its overall online ratings or the status of the film.

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Some sci-fi movies become iconic thanks to their high quality. Then there is another category, often much more bizarre. This one includes sci-fi movies that are so bad they’re good. As such, it’s possible to call movies a guilty pleasure and enjoy them despite their lack of quality…or because of it.


5 Outer Space Plan 9 (1959)

Ed Wood is called the worst director who ever lived. Whether that was the case or not, Wood never managed to become a successful director. He created many low-budget films that also had low ratings. His most infamous play is Plan 9 from outer space. In the film, aliens decide to attack Earth, and to do so, they bring a few people back from the dead. Literally just a few since the movie didn’t have enough budget to pay more actors or create a believable spaceship, so obviously everything that appears in the movie is fake.

Special effects aren’t everything, after all, several low-budget films have done well, but Plan 9 from outer space also fails as a story because it just doesn’t make sense. An example – in some movies, instead of Bela Lugosi, the iconic actor from Dracula, the audience sees another person pretending to be Lugosi and covering their face. It’s mistakes like these that make the movie hilarious, so even though it might never win an Oscar, Plan 9 from outer space has a certain type of charm.

4 Barbarelle (1968)

The Comic-Inspired Movie Barbarelle is the purest essence of a 1960s sci-fi film. The titular Barbarella is often a scantily clad heroine tasked with tracking down scientist Durand Durand. Durand invented a weapon that could destroy many if it fell into the wrong hands. While on paper the film looks like a traditional space adventure, the way Barbarella solves some of the problems she faces along the way is unorthodox.

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Instead of fighting her way through like many action heroines would, Barbarella uses love and intimacy to stop her enemies and spread those feelings across the universe. The movie has plenty of weird moments and doesn’t always make sense, but it’s nonetheless become a cult classic because it shows that space exploration isn’t always about combat. An interesting fact is that Barbarella was the first comic book character to get her solo movie, as Superman and Batman hit the big screen after her.

3 Just Visiting (2001)

When American filmmakers decide to create a remake of a popular European film, it doesn’t always end well and these films can receive a lot of criticism from audiences. Time travel adventure just visit is based on a hit movie Visitors (1993) with Jean Reno and Christian Clavier. Unlike many other American remakes, Reno and Clavier reprized their roles in this film. Even their presence could not save the films from negative reviews.

However, if the public looks away from the French original, just visit is an entertaining film even if it copies its predecessor and is not nearly as tense as the French film. The film offers more than one funny joke and Reno and Clavier are once again solid, despite the fact that the script doesn’t always give them much to work with. Globally, just visit has several weak points (like a predictable story) but also several solid jokes and good actors in the main roles.

2 Jupiter Rising (2015)

After the success of The matrix series, the Wachowski sisters created several less successful films. Other than speed racer (2008), it was also Jupiter’s Ascendancy, a space opera gone wrong. The main problem with the movie is probably the fact that it would work much better as a TV series because there was so much to explore, but the movie just didn’t have the time. The world had a rich past, but its history did not captivate the public.

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Despite its critical reviews and lack of box office receipts, Jupiter’s Ascendancy has several highlights that are worth watching. It’s visually stunning and features more than one standout action sequence.Jupiter’s Ascendancy would go better in the second half of the 1960s because it’s so wonderfully campy at times, but in the 1960s it wouldn’t be possible to create such amazing special effects.

1 Terminator Genisys (2015)

The Terminator The franchise is one of the classics but despite its cult status, not all of its movies have fared so well. The 2015 reboot was originally supposed to launch a new series, but after its reviews and box office performance, subsequent films with the same cast didn’t happen. Terminator Genisys brings new actors into the roles of beloved characters, such as Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese, that not all fans enjoyed.

The story that offered more than one absurd twist didn’t help either. Still Terminator Genisys works like a guilty pleasure thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger reprising his role for the first time in 12 years (the digital cameo in Terminator: Hi doesn’t count) and he proved once again that his Terminator had a greater sense of humor and emotional capacity than many human movie heroes.

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