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“For everything has a time and a time for everything under heaven. This is what the Holy Bible says in Ecclesiastes 3:1. There are times and seasons for all things under heaven.

These times are chaotic and perilous. We expose the best of the absurd. And it happens in large numbers. The way we perform the feat amazes and amuses us all.

Even more amazing, we display it at the speed of light. We’re at our best at quirks and quirks. These are the areas where we quickly showcase finesse. We are never short of anomalies. We have them in reckless abundance. They are all over us.

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Right here! Our leaders are at war with us. And they live in self-sacrifice. They would arrogantly utter what is not, as if it were. That’s why they disagree with us. They are blowing heavily on us with the breath of the pump.

They pretend arrogantly. Quite irritating. They brag; reproaching us for not being on the same ugly model as them. We neither believe nor trust them. It is our choice. We do not agree with their postulates.

They are hostile to our existence. And they do not correspond to the harsh reality. These realities confront us daily. Sad! They wouldn’t want to hear any of this. They are sorry that we stand up to them. We must be submissive and subjugated. Yes. She is conquered and dominated.

We must not look them in their despicable and disgusting face. It would be too daring. They cannot understand our “strange” audacity. Where did we get it? They are still very lost, wondering.

Obviously frustrated, they returned to their decaying drawing board. What they discovered delighted them. Hastily, they fraudulently invented dubious lexicons: Hate speech, fake news, haters et al. They pin all the adjectives on us.

But they didn’t stick. They couldn’t have. None of these labels belong to us. They are theirs, not ours. We have a legion of evidence and evidence.

This kind of character is in love with contradictions. They are perfectly at ease with anomalies. Stranger than fiction! Examples of these aberrations litter our space.

You can only marvel at the overwhelming and engaging samplers: President Muhammadu Buhari displayed a rare quality on Tuesday. He kept his word “well” and “followed” the speech.

You wonder how? It was a perfect showcase of contradictions and absurdities. He had earlier stunned an already bewildered nation last week on Friday.

He feigned a strong reservation for a particular part of the newly signed electoral law. He remained silent. He thought he could shake us. He intended to play a quick on us.

After signing it, he chose to open up. He let out his pent up anger. He literally unleashed his irritation on us for the wrong reason.

The vexed section 84(12) insists: “No politically appointed person at any level shall be a voting delegate or be elected to any convention or convention of any political party for the purpose of nominating candidates for election .”

Buhari roared to the highest heavens! He protested vehemently. He thought differently. His mindset: “Section 84 (12) deprives incumbent political office holders of the right to vote or stand for election at conventions or congresses of any political party for the purpose of nominating candidates for any election in the case it lasts more than 30 years. days before the national elections.

He wanted this “incriminated” provision to be removed as soon as possible. He waited, holding his breath. He was on the lookout for the right moment to strike. He was patient for the iron to be hot.

Fortunately, he didn’t have to wait too long. It was Tuesday. That day, he filed his protest letter in the National Assembly (NASS). Satisfied and fulfilled. He flew on his usual medical tourism tour, to London, UK.

His grudges: “The practical application of Section 84(12) of the Electoral Bill 2022, if sanctioned, as of right, will subject incumbent political office holders to the inhibitions and restrictions referred to in Sections 40 and 42 of the 1999 Constitution as amended.

“It is imperative to note that the only constitutional expectation imposed on incumbent political office holders who qualify, by extension, as public officials within the context of the constitution is resignation, removal, or retirement at least 30 days prior to the date of the election.”

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Buhari chose to raise these belated issues barely a week after signing the bill. What a clear display of ineptitude and flagrant incompetence. The wonders will never end, not even in Nigeria!

They just don’t want things to go normally. Oddity is another of their names. For them, these elections should not hold. They are afraid of their repulsive shadows. It haunts them and hurts them.

We sink deeper into irrationality. And we pretend that we are helpless. We took another step in the madness on Monday. We have again shown the horrible substance of which we are made.

See how we illogically fell into another sordid absurdity. We jumped blindly into a contradiction. It was an international show of shame.

We recklessly rolled out the drums. We were delighted to host an international energy summit. At the same time, we are drowning in fuel shortages. We are plunged into the energy crisis. Which country !

It’s laughable. And that’s exactly what happened. An exhibition of a nation at a crossroads, overwhelmed by confusion. We instantly became a laughing stock.

The summit location moved to gas stations across the country. There we shouted and shouted at each other. We stood the summit in long lines, panting and panicking.

A curious foreign delegate understood it well. He couldn’t hold back. He did not hide his concern the very day of his arrival at the top. His observation was devastating.

He told the Daily Sun: “It’s terrible. We have been reading about this crisis for over a month and there are fears that the challenge is not over yet. There is a need for a permanent solution to Nigeria’s energy crisis because it is affecting local economies, a solution is needed, and quickly too.

We continue our idiocy with impunity. In this way, Godwin Emefiele has slipped into our political space. He claims to wield his influence as Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

He’s got us by the jugular. He made us his real pawns. He practically gave up his work on CBN. It’s no longer exciting for him. He strives faster than necessary to reach the next level, the next level.

Emefiele is on the move. He badly seeks employment from his employer. He wants to be president. And the timeline is 2023. He can’t wait for Buhari to still occupy his much-desired seat.

Well, it has to stop immediately in 2023. And he’s not kidding. He means it firmly. But he pursues her ruthlessly on all fronts. It is full of contradictions, fictions, pretensions and sheer deception.

He is tactless and negligent. Suddenly, imaginary groups beckoned him to run. In another breath, another equally charade of a group would deny he has an interest.

But the big cat was released from the small bag. This bag could no longer contain and restrain the wildcat. Exposed: It’s the same group of people who are nonchalant. They sponsor pro and anti-Emefiele campaigns at the same time.

This is a pathetic case of farce. It’s in a class of its own, special and stupid. Who do these rascals take us for? And all of this is publicly funded.

Clearly, Emefiele has questions to answer. What’s going on around him? Is he aware of these shenanigans? Who are these bootlickers, these benefactors?

We need to know now. Emefiele, the ball is in your court. And your time starts now…

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