Shilpa Shetty explains why her parents were skeptical of her game and reveals how they were convinced


Every daughter is always her father’s favorite, and for almost all dads, the smallest things in their princess’s life attract a lot of attention. A similar bond existed between Bollywood actress, Shilpa Shetty Kundra and her late father, Surendra Shetty. Time and time again, Shilpa has shared the immense credit her father has for her success. And recently, she opened up about how her dad wasn’t ready to see his daughter enter the movie industry, and finally, what convinced him.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra and her sister, Shamita Shetty, used to share a warm bond with their late father, Surendra Shetty. However, in 2016, the doting dad left the mortal plane and headed to heaven leaving his family behind. And no doubt, for the Shetty sisters, it was indeed a difficult time, however, over time, they had adapted to the situation. Nonetheless, for the Shetty sisters, their father would always be in their hearts.

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Recently, in an interview with the Mashable India, Shilpa Shetty Kundra recalled how her father wouldn’t allow her to act in films initially, until the director, Dilip Naik, stepped into the situation and took her. convinced. Shilpa mentioned that right after her class 10 exam, she joined a beauty class, and after doing a photo shoot, she got a call for a screen test for an ad. And when she left for the same with her mother, Sunanda Shetty, the director, Dilip Naik found a sparkle in her eyes. Shilpa added that upon hearing Dilip’s compliment, her mother immediately mentioned that her daughter would not be playing since she was only seventeen at the time. shilpa said:

“When I was in my eleventh standard I got a call to do a screen test for an ad. I was sitting there and in front of me was Dilip Naik Sir who was Yash Chopra’s assistant. He had made a movie called Nakhuda. I think he was looking for a new girl. He was looking through photos of models in photo albums when he came across my photo. He looked at me several times. My mother had also accompanied me . He asked me if I wanted to play. He said to me ‘Tumhari aankhon mein koi baat hai. My mother who was sitting next to me said: “No, no, my daughter will not play because I I was about 17 at the time.”

shila and sunanda

Afterwards, Shilpa added that she said the same to her father and he immediately disapproved. After telling this to Dilip, the director then visited their home and convinced her father overnight. For the uninitiated, Shilpa was set to make her acting debut with this movie, starring actors Ronit Roy and Rohit Roy. However, since he was cast aside, she had received a call from Ratan Jain and Abbas, to star alongside Shah Rukh Khan in his first film, Baazigar. Speaking of the same, Shilpa added:

“When I told him (Dilip Naik) that my father wouldn’t allow me to act, he visited our house at night and convinced my father overnight that I was a perfect candidate for his film, and that I I could also continue my studies side by side. Well, that movie was never made.


On the sixth anniversary of Surendra Shetty’s death i.e. October 11, 2021, Shilpa Shetty Kundra had taken advantage of her IG handle to share a heartwarming video with a compilation of some photos of them together . In the video, in a photo, Shilpa could be seen posing for the camera and hugging her father tightly. While in the other, Viaan could be seen giving kisses to his deceased Nanu. Sharing the video, the actress wrote, “6 years since you left earth…but in our hearts you remain forever. I miss you Dad.” And the video ended with a photo of Surendra Shetty posing with her two daughters by her side with a caption on it, which read:

“We love and miss you, dad!”

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