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Staff Pick: James T. Hong
April 1 to 30, 2022

e-flux Video & Film is delighted to present James T. Hongit’s Apologies v2016.2 (2021, 90 minutes, SD video) such as the April 2022 edition of our monthly Staff Picks online series.

Originally conceived as a video installation, Apologies is a compilation of modern political excuses and a timeline of political progress as unrepentant recidivism and contrite repetition. This is a continuous work in progress, and this release ends with 2016. Dozens of apologies are collected every year, and they will be added as time permits.

The passage of time does not heal all wounds; it cannot settle all accounts or settle all disputes. But the identity of the alleged perpetrators can change, and the task of a national apology is to document, to record, a symbolic act as a prelude to possible reconciliation and forgiveness. To achieve these ends, sincerity is paramount, especially when reading a script.

Watch the movie here.

About the artist
Taiwanese-American filmmaker and artist James T. Hong (b. 1970) creates thought-provoking works that spark conversation on controversial socio-political and historical issues. His films have premiered at international film festivals including San Francisco International Film Festival (2007), IDFA (International Documentary Festival Amsterdam) (2012), Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) and the Busan International Film Festival (2019), where he won Best Documentary (Prix Mecenat) for Open Close Forget (2018), a film that follows Chinese survivors of Japanese biological warfare. He has screened films and presented multimedia installations and performances at biennales and museums around the world, including Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) (2013), Mediacity Seoul Biennale (2014), kyiv Biennale (2016), Para Site, Hong Kong (2015), Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York (2017) and Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore (2018). He has participated in several editions of the Taipei Biennale, including the most recent “You and I Don’t Live on the Same Planet” (2020), organized by Bruno Latour and Martin Guinard. His personal exhibition of 2021 Animal at the Ikon Gallery in the UK has just closed. Hong’s work is represented by Empty Gallery, Hong Kong. He lives in Taipei.

About the series
e-flux Video & Film: Staff Picks is a monthly streaming series of staff picks and recommended videos designed to disrupt the monotony of an algorithm. Before the days of big data ended, we used to discover suggested content along the dusty shelves of video rental stores, where post-its scribbled by shiftworkers implored us to watch the same movies that laughed, shouted or cried. Sometimes the content bored us, sometimes it overwhelmed us, and sometimes, magically, it was right. e-flux invites you to relive this mode of reading in a rental store, with personalized selections organized by a judgment that does not take your viewing history into account.

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