Star Trek Could Revisit Deep Space Nine in 4 Spinoffs

star trek executive producer Alex Kurtzman spoke about possibly revisiting Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in future derivative broadcasts. The titular space station is set to feature in an upcoming episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks but so far no further visits to the station have been announced. Speaking at Comic-Con, Kurtzman said talks about DS9 have been had, but the star trek creative”would all want to make sure it came from this place to be able to tell a new story while honoring the old.


Krutzman’s statements make sense given that, more than any other star trek To display, DS9 had a clearly defined end to its story. where previous star trek the shows had either ended abruptly due to cancellation or left the story more open to lead to a movie franchise, Sisko’s DS9 the ending was much less ambiguous. DS9′s finale resolved so many character story arcs that star trek would need to have a good narrative reason to bring the DS9 crew.

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The documentary feature of 2019 What we left behind reassembled the DS9 writer’s room to design a hypothetical Season 8 premiere. Set 20 years after the events of the DS9 finale, it would revolve around tensions between Bajor and the Federation, and a plot that would pit the former teammates against each other. Thinking back to the plot of the Season 8 premiere, it feels like it will sit alongside modern star treklong-term storytelling. While this hypothetical Season 8 premiere is unlikely to become a reality, there are elements that could form four potential ones. DS9 spin-off shows to continue the crew’s stories.

A Quark spin-off could continue its DS9 story

DS9′Bar owner Ferengi Quark (Armin Shimmerman) was more honorable than many of his fellow Ferengi. While he focused primarily on profits and vesting rules, Quark knew when to do what was morally right. Quark was still running his bar at the end of DS9, so may well appear in Lower decks. The hypothetical DS9 Season 8 saw the station converted into a religious shrine for Benjamin Sisko, so it’s easy to see Quark in his element, selling various souvenirs to visitors.

A Quark spin-off could offer a refreshing new perspective on thee star trek universe. Modern star trek featured some trips into the darker side of Roddenberry’s utopian future, as in Star Trek: Picard season 1, episode 5, “Stardust City Rag”. However, this has never been the main objective of a star trek To display.

Gene Roddenberry may not have liked a star trek show put on by Quark morally dubious, but the kind hearts of the Ferengi would keep the show on track. Both Lower decks and picard showed that Quark’s activity extended beyond DS9, so now would be the perfect time to focus on how he maintains those business interests in the star trek universe. It could be the perfect blend of moral drama from the classic star trek and the learned comedy of Lower decks. An episodic structure similar to Star Trek: Strange New Worlds would also allow the show to focus on Quark’s various schemes and scams.

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A DS9 Anthology Show Could Explore the Wider Star Trek Universe

In the early days of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, writers often struggled with the setting of the space station. Rather than exploring star trek‘s strange new worlds, the DS9 crew often had to wait for representatives of these new civilizations to come to them. However, the setting of a Federation space station is a prime location for an anthology show focusing on the stories of its many visitors. It is surprising that beyond the Short hikes webisodes, there has never been an anthology show that explores the broadest star trek universe.

DS9 offers several opportunities for an anthology-style spin-off. First, if the station is to become a religious shrine, the show could focus on the stories of those pilgrims who make the journey to pay homage to the emissary Benjamin Sisko. Alternatively, a star trek the spinoff could be focused on the sci-fi stories of Benny Russell, recently referenced in Strange new worlds. Sisko had a psychic connection to the sci-fi writer in the classic DS9 episode “Far Beyond the Stars”, and a Russell anthology could explore this further.

Another writer from DS9 whose stories could form the basis of an anthology series is Jake Sisko (Cirroc Lofton) who was last seen awaiting his father’s return. During the Dominion War, Jake Sisko was a war reporter, so his writing could easily explore other corners of the star trek universe. Jake Sisko’s writings of Deep Space Nine during the Dominion occupation could be a way to explore DS9′s passed without compromising the perfect ending to the show.

A Captain Kira Show Could Revisit Bajor Post-Dominion War

As a veteran of the Bajoran resistance, Major Kira Nerys (Nana Visitor) was one of the Deep Space Ninethe most compelling characters. Her history of fighting Cardassian oppression often led to conflict between her and Captain Sisko and also informed some of DS9′the best episodes. During DS9In Dominion War, Kira briefly became a Starfleet officer, and could become one again in a new spin-off. In What we left behindIn hypothetical Starfleet Season 8, Section 31 of Starfleet’s Black Ops team plots to destroy the wormhole and kill the Prophets in an effort to end religion once and for all. This conspiracy would be a perfect storyline for a Kira Nerys spin-off show.

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KIra’s Bajoran heritage and history with the Prophets would make her the ideal candidate for Starfleet to employ to investigate such a plot. Like Seven in picard, such a show could explore Kira’s complicated relationship with Starfleet and the Federation. This would also allow star trek bring together characters from other Trek shows. The next Lower decks and Strange new worlds the crossover opens up the possibility for the Cerritos Shaxs’ Bajoran security guard to join Kira on his mission. Kurtzman’s recent tease that two women led by star trek shows are in development make a Kira show an exciting possibility.

A Julian Bashir show could continue Khan’s obsession with Star Trek

Modern star trek the shows spent a lot of time revisiting Kirk’s nemesis, Khan Noonien-Singh. Strange new worlds features one of Khan’s descendants, La’an and Season 1 ended with Una being arrested for lying about her Illyrian heritage. Genetic engineering has been outlawed by the Federation since the end of the Second Eugenics War and is still so at the time of DS9. It was revealed that Julian Bashir was genetically modified in DS9 season 5, episode 16, and nearly got kicked out of Starfleet.

The hypothetical DS9 season 8 would have explored how Julian Bashir got lost while working for Section 31. A Bashir show focusing on genetic enhancements could allow the specter of Khan to return to StarTrek. The starting point of the series could be a visit to the institute of DS9 season 6, episode 9, “Statistical Probabilities” where Bashir fired a group of genetically engineered humans after they failed to live alongside the Federation. Bashir might be a frequent visitor to the institute, striving for better rights for those with enhancements similar to his, as Hugh was in picard season 1.

It is likely that Kurtzman and the star trek the creative team had many similar discussions about how to continue the story of the crew of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. While this is something that should be handled with care given how carefully the show has tied its loose threads, it’s something worth doing. The long list of characters and their stories have a lot of creative potential for future spinoffs for the titular former space station crew.

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