Strictly ‘Wildcard’ powder project hits the internet

Colorado’s premier warriors have thrown the internet into chaos with the release of their second 2021 film, “Wildcard.” What you’ll see here is a compilation of good times in the backcountry with friends fate brought together. Along with the usual crew of Benny Smith, Parker Norvell and Levi Ascher, this small number has a few special guests in reserve. There were a few lucky rippers who landed a ticket to heaven alongside the crew; West Coast Ripper became Montana cowboy Jonah Elston, 4FRNT godfather and switch landing guru Thayne Rich, and new switch backflip king Lucas Wachs. With the super crew amassed, these six savage men saddled the sleds, grabbed the skis, along with enough Fat Tire to kill an elephant, and headed for the hills in search of natural features and perfect places to build orbit launch kickers.

With camera magician Andrew Mildenberger at the helm, the film is as beautiful as skiing. His fluid, easy-going style is easily seen here, and one can only imagine the work he did behind the scenes to achieve a product like this. If you haven’t seen Andrew’s jaw-dropping Strictly street ski movie “Most Gutter,” you can find it here. Don’t worry if you’re hungry for more after completing this beauty, as they have yet another movie going, “August Light” being the final piece in their triumvirate of films for this year.

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