Sydney’s Mardi Gras Film Festival has announced its 2022 lineup in cinemas and online

Sydney’s Mardi Gras is fast approaching and with it, a feast of new queer cinema is about to descend on the city. For 29 years now, the Mardi Gras Film Festival has added the latest LGBTQIA+ films to Sydney’s big celebration, and it’s doing the same in 2022 – but, as happened in 2021, it’s going hybrid with physical screenings and online.

As a result, if you’re a Sydneysider looking to get your dose of queer film on the big screen between Thursday February 17 and Thursday March 3, you can, with the festival streaming at Event Cinemas George Street, and host a unique session. at Hayden Orpheum, Cremorne and Event Cinemas in Parramatta and Hurstville. But if you feel more comfortable watching from home during the current Omicron outbreak or are a fan of LGBTQIA+ films located elsewhere in Australia, you will also be able to enjoy MGFF digitally.

The festival’s 2022 lineup includes 119 films from 37 different countries, spanning 32 narrative features, 15 documentaries, four episodic screenings, a retrospective and nine short film programs – so yes, there’s more than a little to watch. That said, different films will be shown in theaters and on demand, as happens with hybrid festivals, but more than half of the schedule will be available for those playing at home and on the highway.

The opening of the festival on the big screen is Savagerywhich is set in the Atlantic Provinces of Canada and stems from MGFF’s focus on First Nations cinema for 2022. In cinemas only, it is joined by highlights from the international film festival circuit such as great freedom, a deeply moving drama about the experiences of a man imprisoned under Germany’s old law criminalizing homosexuality; and Benedettawhich follows a 17th century nun who shocks her convent with visions, wild power plays and lesbian affairs, and happens to be the final feature film of Primary instinct, Showgirls and She director Paul Verhoeven.

Or, there’s the mockumentary starring Carrie Brownstein and St Vincent The hostel from nowherewhich makes them play versions of themselves, and The newbie, about a gay student on a varsity rowing team. Other stars include the Mexican magical realist drama Finland; documentaries about queer comic book makers, lesbians in post-punk 80s London and American artist Keith Haring; and closing party B-Boy Bluesbased on the famous novel of the same name.

Online, LGBTIQ+ movie fans can also experience a horror movie Retirement, which combines a cabin-in-the-woods setup with queer wedding planning; Taiwanese drama selected at Cannes moneyboys; the relational My beauty, my beauty, about a longtime couple living in a picturesque villa in the south of France; and Estonia Bird of Fire, which traces a romance against the backdrop of the Cold War. There is also the documentary come to you, following two mothers’ fight for LGBTQ+ rights in Korea; and As we like itan all-female version of Shakespeare’s comedy As you like it.

Mardi Gras Film Festival 2022 runs Thursday, February 17 through Thursday, March 3 at Event Cinemas George Street, plus one-off sessions at Hayden Orpheum, Cremorne and Event Cinemas in Parramatta and Hurstville – and online nationwide. For more information, visit the festival website.

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