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HYDERABAD: A transformed photo of Finance Minister T Harish Rao appealing to the BJP in Huzurabad was circulating on social media. Reacting quickly, the TRS lodged a complaint with the electoral authorities.

Likewise, the office of BJP candidate Eatala Rajender said that a fake letter was circulating that the electoral commission made the decision to stop the Dalit Bandhu program in Huzurabad on the basis of the letter written by Eatala.
As the campaign for the polls ended on Wednesday, confusion over transformed photographs and bogus letters among voters refused to subside. There have been a half-dozen incidents involving candidates, party leaders, transformed images and bogus letters that have circulated over the past two weeks in the run-up to the October 30 by-elections.
Ever since the Huzurabad by-election became prestigious for the TRS, BJP and Congress, social media had been in turmoil with such fake letters and transformed images. Social media teams hired by political parties are busy checking them out and quickly refuting or denying such claims.
TRS MP Balka Suman alleged that even a traffic accident in the constituency was linked to him by the BJP. The TRS filed a complaint with the Election Commission.
BJP state chairman Bandi Sanjay said the ruling party resorted to a smear campaign against his party leaders soon after the EC halted the implementation of Dalit Bandhu in Huzurabad until ‘at the end of the electoral process.
Although the election is a three-way fight between the TRS, BJP and Congress, the main fight on social media is between the TRS and BJP. “Even YouTube channels and news sites also publish fake news. Complaints have been filed against such fake news, ”said the head of a party’s social media wing.
Not only that, all the major parties are targeting their rivals by circulating fake letters and transformed images in various WhatsApp groups. “The police should restrict the use of social media in the constituency until the end of the ballot,” said S Narender, a resident of Huzurabad city.

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