The 10 best fan-fiction ships, according to AO3

The excellent chemistry between the cast of The vampire diary forces fans to root for a variety of different couples. Several of the more popular relationships have gone canon, while others, like Damon and Bonnie, have never been romantically established on the show. To compensate, writers take Archives of ours and explore the potential of their favorite ships on their own terms.

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Couples such as Stelena and Klaroline had a lot of romantic moments during the show, but not everyone was happy with the way things turned out. Fan-fiction is the perfect opportunity for fans to rewrite an ending or alter the outcome of one of the controversial love triangles of The vampire diary. All of the major cannon and non-cannon ships can be found on the site, but some have more works than others.

ten Elie and Elena

Elena didn’t have a romantic relationship with anyone in the Mikaelson family, which seemed like a missed opportunity. Klaus and Elena would have been a disaster in The vampire diary, but she had a surprising amount of things in common with her brother.

Elijah and Elena both have strong moral compasses and the same core values. Elijah admired Elena’s compassion, while Elena respected Elijah’s honesty. They shared an accidental kiss when Elijah mistook Elena for Katherine, and it made a romance between them seem plausible.

9 Katherine and Elie

Katherine and Elijah in The Vampire Diaries.

Katherine and Elijah had a complicated relationship that began centuries before the pilot. When they first met, Katherine was a completely different person than she was in the 21st century. Her family had not yet been slaughtered and she had not been forced to run for her life for five hundred years.

What they had was pure, and Katherine is the reason Elijah began to believe in love again. Their relationship could have gone down several paths, and their potential exists throughout the series’ timeline.


8 Bonnie and Kai

Kai watches Bonnie in The Vampire Diaries.

It is no secret that “enemies of lovers” is a trope that The vampire diary like to use. Bonnie was the only senior woman who didn’t yet have a hero / villain romance, which is why her stint with Kai in the prison world was such a golden opportunity.

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Kai loved to flirt with Bonnie, but he lacked the emotional capacity for love. It made sense that nothing happened between them, but Kai ended up absorbing his brother’s consciousness when they merged. There are countless storylines as to how Bonnie and Kai might have developed after he got to feel.

seven Tyler and Caroline

Caroline and Tyler watch each other in The Vampire Diaries.

There are several ways Tyler is Caroline’s worst love interest. The vampire diary, but the aspects that viewers don’t like can be easily changed. Caroline and Tyler’s build-up was impeccable and the early stages of their relationship made them easy to ship.

Due to everything that happened between them and Tyler’s eventual death, their romance was irreparably broken. However, their story can easily be picked up before things go wrong to create a different outcome. If Tyler had chosen Caroline over his vendetta against Klaus, everything would have been different.

6 Damon and Alaric

Damon and Alaric are a friendship that never developed, but it’s clear why fans wanted to see this relationship evolve. Due to his tendency to pick on and push people away, Damon was not good at making or keeping friends.

After Damon killed Alaric in a fight, any chance of them being civilians seemed out of the question. However, circumstances brought them closer together and they stumbled upon something without even realizing it. Alaric never gave up on Damon, despite all the horrible things he did to him. He was the first person to come to terms with his flaws fully, and he had Damon’s back long before Elena.

5 Caroline and Stéphane

Stefan looks over Caroline's shoulder in The Vampire Diaries

Stefan and Caroline had a will that they / won’t want to energize in the second half of The vampire diary. After Stefan broke up with Elena, Caroline was the person he spoke to at the end of the day. It was really not certain whether or not they would reunite, which made viewers want to see them together more.

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A lot of past fan fiction focuses on when and how Steroline might happen, and the series finale left the writers with a giant plot to tweak. Stefan’s death made Caroline a wife and a widow on the same day, which is not the outcome the shippers hoped for.

4 Damon and Bonnie

Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham as Damon and Bonnie in The Vampire Diaries

Of all the non-cannon ships, Bamon remaining Platonic was the most surprising. While best friends may be just that, Caroline and Stefan’s relationship was proof that the show wasn’t averse to romances rooted in friendship.

Not only did they have chemistry on the screen, but Bonnie and Damon had feelings for each other in The vampire diary series of books. With Elena under a sleeping spell for the rest of Bonnie’s life, this was the perfect opportunity to pay homage to both ships. Fan-fiction could be written with such a choice scenario.

3 Stefan and Elena

Elena watches Stefan in The Vampire Diaries.

A love triangle as intense as that of Damon, Stefan and Elena was bound to have people on both sides. For every fan who is thrilled that Elena chose Damon, there is one who mourns the relationship between Elena and Stefan.

Considering how torn Elena was by the Salvatores, she might as well have ended up with her first love. Because the series is over and the fate of the characters is decided, Stelena’s senders look to Archive of Our Own to rewrite the outcome of the love triangle.

2 Damon and Elena

Elena holding Damon's face in The Vampire Diaries.

Yes The vampire diary is known for a love story, that of Damon and Elena. Ever since Elena saw Damon’s raven in the pilot, the show was slowly but surely building towards a relationship between them.

There were many obstacles preventing them from being together, and the slow burn gave fans time to use fan fiction to write their predictions. There are endless scenarios for the couple to create, but viewers can rest easy knowing that Damon and Elena are living long and happy lives and have remained together after death.

1 Klaus and Caroline

Klaus and Caroline holding hands in The Originals.

After taking into account the popularity of Klaus and Caroline and their almost happy ending, it’s no surprise that they have the most works on Archive of Our Own. Klaroline has been a fan favorite ship that has stood the test of time as the majority root for them even after appearing on different shows for years.

They finally had a real chance to The originals Season 5, which took place almost a decade after Stefan’s death. However, Caroline lost her second chance to love when Klaus sacrificed himself to save his daughter. In another universe, Klaus would have lived and kept his promise to show Caroline the world. It was even made canon in Heritage when Klaus and Caroline are revealed to be married in an alternate universe – a universe where Hope was never born and where he remained in Mystic Falls.

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