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Television made us laugh, cry and gave us an escape from a time when it seemed like we needed it more than ever. While the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic seemed to be over, the world was still in shock; we worried about the Delta variant, the climate crisis and the mental health epidemic. Things still looked so complicated in 2021, but at least we had the comforting glow of the small screen.

Stacker has compiled all the TV shows with 2021 release dates on Metacritic and ranked in the top 25. To qualify, the series had to have at least seven reviews. Mini-series have been included.

These shows are the best of the best, including the ones that started with the first seasons and the ones that gave us fantastic efforts in second year, as well as limited series on everything from the opioid crisis to one of the writers. the most iconic that ever lived. Comedies, dramas, documentaries and animated series have all made this diverse list.

Whether it’s the story of an unlikely group examining evil, a comeback series for a British actress who took a few decades off to join Parliament, or an 11-season show that took place over 21 years, these shows have kept us entertained through some very difficult times. Read on to see if your favorite 2021 series won.

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