The Best Full Moon Movies, Ranked


Since the late 1980s, Full Moon Productions, led by Charles Band, features shocking direct-to-video movies. Many contemporary horror enthusiasts spent their formative years renting their movies as mainstays on the shelves of video stores. Remarkably, Full Moon continued to make gooey, entertaining horror films despite the collapse of the DVD business.

Their contemporary work mostly consists of large series, emphasizing hippie humor and scantily clad women. However, when they were at their best, the studio produced plenty of intriguing and even ridiculous horror films. With a small budget, the production team produced significant horror films, some of which are still considered masterpieces. So let’s take a closer look at some of the best silly moon movies that people would still love to watch today.


8/8 Head of Household (1996)

Perhaps one of the weirdest movies viewers are likely to see in their lifetime is Householder. It centers on a southern couple who plan to kidnap a family of misfits led by a huge monster-head in a wheelchair. If people thought the synopsis was weird, just watch the movie. What follows is a disconcerting, often disgusting and thoroughly intriguing experience. He is a fun horror comedy with some odd situations making it a decent choice for viewers.

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7/8 Puppeteer (1989)

puppet master is admired, feared, despised, despised and cherished simultaneously. Despite its torturous, absurd and incomprehensible narrative, it is indeed a terrific little film. As one of the clairvoyants has discovered where the Toulon puppet is hidden and the mystery surrounding Toulon and its strange puppets, a group of psychics, each with their own view of the paranormal, come together. The movie is a monument to horror excellence, and it’s definitely one of the underrated horror movies every horror lover should see.

6/8 Subspecies (1991)

At Ted Nikolaou’s Subspecies is a dark film of passion and barbarism and is among the best vampire films ever made. The film follows three students drawn into the conflict between a noble vampire and his evil brother in the hills of Transylvania. Anders Hove’s depiction of Radu Vladislas, a despised vampire, is tragic and disturbing. In the film, Hove uses facial modifications that give him a monster-like appearance while maintaining his humanity. He allows a whole range of emotions to flow through his outstanding performance. Fans of realistic special effects, exquisite production design and medieval horror movies must not be missed Subspeciesbecause it is one of the best vampire movies.

5/8 Dark Angel: The Ascension (1994)

Even though the film’s conclusion felt more like a compilation of incidents than a cohesive story, Dark Angel: The Ascension is a remarkable, bizarre blend of religious beliefs, romance, humor, horror, and even a bit of vigilante justice. Although interesting, the film has several flaws. In it, a woman destined for freedom manages to escape hell. She decides to strike out at the bad guys when she emerges from the gutters of Earth. However, she had not planned to find love. It is very ambitious from a narrative point of view and uses fascinating concepts.

4/8 Puppet Master III: Revenge of Toulon

The first installment of a franchise is often considered the best, though that’s not always the case. He is supported by Puppet Master III: Revenge of Toulon, which is one of the scariest horror movies. The predecessor, Toulon’s revenge, moves the tale from California’s Bodega Cove Inn in the 1980s to Berlin in 1941. Toulon embarks on his mission for revenge after the Gestapo murders his wife. Guy Rolfe, a well-known actor, shines in the role of master puppeteer Aundre Toulon, juggling between the showman’s fantasy and the unbridled desire for revenge of the Toulon people. Unquestionably, this is one of the most beautiful features of the Full Moon.

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3/8 The Pit and the Pendulum (1991)

The story of The pit and the pendulum, featuring murder, trickery, infidelity and innate madness is unsettling and quite dark. The film follows Francis Barnard as he travels to Spain after learning of his sister’s death. François learns that his sister’s wife mistreated her. The castle of Medina suddenly begins to experience strange events. Poe’s brief epic of bloodshed in 16th century Spain is expanded upon in this work. The end result is a visually stunning, creatively shot horror film that, while too cliché in many places, makes for terrific exploitation.

2/8 Castle Freak (1995)

This bloody tale, directed by Stuart Gordon, centers on John Reilly and his family as they move to an Italian castle to learn that a terrifying monster is still imprisoned in the crypt. The film is as elegant as it is brutal, as the beast eventually breaks free and wreaks havoc on John and the others. castle monster seems like a modest story of survival and atonement that is deeply unsettling and clever in its presentation. It’s a movie that’s sure to stick with audiences for quite a while.

1/8 Trancers (1984)

Perhaps among the most intriguing, clever and cheapest ever produced is slicers, Charles Bond’s masterpiece. To confront an evil cult leader who has also chosen this path and executes the ancestors of the city’s rulers who are then killed out of reality, a policeman’s psyche is transported into history to inhabit his ancestor’s corpse. , Phil Dethston. Despite the fact that many people would find this absurd, the film is nevertheless considered one of the greatest full moon films ever made.

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