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The imposition of martial law by Ferdinand Marcos in September 1972 is a dark memory that has plagued some Filipinos for 49 years. September 23 was actually when they woke up to an eerily dark silence – no radio or television, no newspapers – although Marcos, harnessed to a fetish, had slyly pushed back the fateful date by two days. The painful memory should be constantly refreshed in the face of persistent attempts by the dictator’s heirs and their henchmen to reshape the era of martial law into something less sinister but utterly false: a gift to the country they had terrorized and plundered. They have inexhaustible resources to carry out the deception in order to regain the lost power, until believing their own fictions.

It’s been half a century of a year, but the heirs of Marcos are far from expressing remorse for the 3,200 victims of extrajudicial executions, the 77,000 detained, the 3,500 tortured and the more than 700 missing, as recorded it Amnesty International and others. during the period 1972-1985. In calculating this dark period, which also saw the collapse of the Philippine economy, leaving many mired in poverty and debt, the people behind these numbers should still count.

They or their survivors may have applied for and received compensation under the Human Rights Victims Recognition and Reparation Act of 2013 (or Republic Act No. 10368), but who can tell rightly that money balanced the scales, that it fully paid for their sufferings? ? Certainly not the dictator’s son, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., although he has tried to do so before. In a demonstration of the quality of his thinking, he moodily described the 9,539 victims of rights abuses who won the class action lawsuit in Hawaii against the Marcos estate as motivated solely by financial gain: “Pera-pera lang ang habol ng mga ‘yan’.

And after all these years, Marcos Jr. still doesn’t get it. Reclaiming his thwarted vice-presidential ambition after his 2016 defeat at the hands of Vice President Leni Robredo, and pushing it to the Presidential Electoral Tribunal for nearly five years, he announced a slated run for No. 1 to no avail. in 2022. Incredibly, he also expressed his confidence that Robredo, pushed by Filipinos who are tired of the appalling conditions in the administration to run for the presidency himself, would lose to him if and when. The tired observer may ask themselves: 1) what do they think they can bring to the table; and 2) if “his ‘manang'”, as Senator Imee Marcos calls herself, agrees, even if the family fortune – ill-gotten, according to a Supreme Court ruling, the conviction for corruption of seven counts of accusation of their mother and other official conclusions – will hardly be shaken to realize his electoral dream.

Martial law and the unlimited power it bestowed upon the dictator and his heirs undoubtedly spawned the sense of entitlement galvanizing Marcos Jr. as he sings hymns to the dark ages his family is working mightily to jam in collective consciousness. Her recent “interview” with artist Toni Gonzaga quickly gained notoriety for her cover-up, including her claim that the dictatorship had the military support it needed at the height of the 1986 civilian-backed uprising, but that her father “chose not to fight” the people. That fabrication crumbles in the face of dramatic defections by high-ranking military officers – all on record – during those critical four days, when his father’s order to impose a curfew became laughable in the face of masses of protesters. obstructing the now historic highway.

Even the physical form of the aging dictator was subject to the fanciful pretensions of the son to the ignorant Gonzaga. The Palace was then mum on his health, but people remember how the dictator, dressed in his ‘lucky shirt-jac’ – another fetish – was visibly weakened during the ‘swift’ election campaign. presidential election, his aides having to physically carry him at certain times. in the stump. His sickroom in Malacañang, as described by those who entered it after the family’s departure, was a vivid testimony to his illness, down to the soiled nappies left behind.

Reacting to the huge backlash over his tribute to the man who would have brought the Philippines into “the modern world”, Marcos Jr. said those upset with the “interview” need not watch it. He said he didn’t lie. Now 64, he still behaves like the brooding juvenile dressed as a soldier at his father’s ‘presidential inauguration’, shortly before he and his family, accompanied by a jaw-dropping cache money, jewelry and other valuables, do not flee in panic.

Remember. Marcos Jr. and Gonzaga, along with Enrile, Escudero and the like, should not be allowed to claim “truth” and “neutrality”.

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