The most terrifying scenes from sci-fi movies

Even though the sci-fi genre can be as joyous as the best comedies, it often aims to create an intense and terrifying atmosphere. Viewers love these movies because they allow them to experience the terror from the safety of their homes or theaters. For every great sci-fi horror movie, it’s possible to find one that missed the mark.

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The good news is that the best films belonging to this genre offered some of the scariest and most iconic scenes of all time. Usually such scenes see the characters fighting for their lives… and victory is not assured. Other times, the scenes are terrifying simply because they help viewers realize that something bad will follow after they end.


5 The fake friend

In most sci-fi movies, an alien invasion doesn’t work well for the invader side. Invasion of the Body Thieves is one of the few excellent on-screen invasions in which the aliens have won. They did this not by attacking people but by replacing them with emotionless clones once people fell asleep. And since everyone needs to sleep, sooner or later, there’s no way to stop the invasion.

Not only does the movie star have familiar faces, like Donald Sutherland in the lead role, star trek stars Leonard Nimoy and Veronica Cartwright, who also appeared in the alien, but it also features plenty of scary scenes. The atmosphere escalates, and it leads to a horrifying finale in which Nancy from Cartwright meets Matthew from Sutherland, and she addresses him, thinking he’s the real person.

Instead, Matthew inhumanely opens his mouth and lets out a scream that lets both the audience and Nancy know that he too has been substituted and that there is no real hope for the few. surviving humans. Invasion of the Body Thieves is a great example that a sci-fi horror movie doesn’t need tons of fake blood to be scary.

4 The alien hatches

The Extraterrestrial movie series has many scary moments. This is especially true for the first movie which has a claustrophobic feeling. But before the murder and mayhem even begin, the alien prepares a nasty surprise for the crew members of the Nostromo spacecraft. During a shared dinner, Kane, played by the legendary deceased British actor John Hurt, begins to not feel so well…

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And it ends with the alien emerging from his body as the horrified stares of the crew members, unable to help him. The scene became so famous that it even had a parody in space balls (1987), and it again starred John Hurt. However, for those unfamiliar with what’s to come, the scene works just as well today as it did in 1979.

3 The scientist transforms

The scariest moments in sci-fi horror movies often stem from situations in which the main characters have no control over what happens. Fly (1986) is a good example. After a science experiment goes wrong, Seth Brundle’s (Jeff Goldblum) DNA fuses with that of a fly, and he begins to transform into a creepy monster.

Seth is unable to stop his transformation and neither is his partner Veronica, played by Geena Davis. It’s all heading towards an inevitable and chilling finale in which Seth’s transformation reaches its climax and thanks to the actors’ performances as well as the makeup and special effects, it creates nightmares for the viewers.

2 A dinosaur above a car

Today’s visual effects make it possible to create cinematic magic that would have been impossible thirty years ago. Despite the fact that the first jurassic park premiered in 1993, its effects have aged well and continue to impress and awe to this day. The movie about the dinosaurs on the loose contains several scary scenes, such as dinosaurs in the kitchen chasing the heroes.

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But the scariest moment occurs when the heroes encounter a dinosaur while in a car. It’s the first meeting as important and the characters as the spectators do not yet know what to expect. When the dinosaur appears on the scene and starts wreaking havoc, that’s enough to make hearts beat faster. One reason for that is that it looks like the real deal thanks to the movie’s Oscar-winning visual effects!

1 The invisible man knocks

How do you fight someone who is invisible? Cecilia, the main heroine of the recent sci-fi horror film The invisible Man (2020), discovers that it is very difficult… but not impossible. As her ex-boyfriend, scientist Adrian pursues her, he catches her in many situations that quickly go from peaceful to horrifying.

One such scene occurs when Cecilia meets her sister at a restaurant…and while they’re talking, the Invisible Man slits her sister’s throat and makes it seem like Cecilia is the murderer. The scene is shocking and chilling for both the audience and Cecilia, as it clearly proves that the Invisible Man is powerful and will stop at nothing to get Cecilia back.

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