The Origin: prehistoric horror with a modern-day message


Does the times we live in affect how we tell horror stories and the stories we want to tell?

The pandemic affected the shooting of the film. When there was a lot of panic about the hoarding of toilet paper and pasta, even in a very basic, very British way, that was the them and us” was starting to form – although we started writing this long before anyone knew this thing was coming.

But going back, whether it’s Trump’s America, Brexit Britain, 1930s Germany or the Reformation, we’re used to doing this to each other. We divide those who are different from us, alienate them and others. So that’s how we felt when we were writing the script.

It’s really the story of a community at the limit. How do you think this will speak to an audience in 2022?

The film‘s thesis is about what humans are capable of and how they can justify the most heinous behavior in certain circumstances. I think today you can see how people are demonized for being different.

The whole time we were writing and shooting the movie, it seemed like every two weeks there was another story about it. otherness. This is something that happens in times of political and economic instability. People are scared. How do I pay my bills this month? Why do they have a job and I don’t? It’s a very basic and primitive thing that happens to people in times like this. So I think whatever community the audience is part of, I hope they see something in our story.

The story and the horror are very vivid on screen. As someone born, raised and educated in the country, you know the geography of Scotland very well. How important was your location?

I can’t speak for the actors, but I think what it probably felt like for them as well is, was it real. More real than real. When you have the outfits, you speak in this fictional language, you have your ivory spears and you look at this [eviscerated] mammoth with polystyrene or other tusks, we tend to feel exposed. Because we’re doing something a little different.

In these landscapes – the beauty and the ancient prehistory of the landscapes, when you feel the cold and the rain on your face – the actors didn’t have to play much. What is my motivation? You are cold and hungry! Oh great! I can play this!

It helped to give things some realism, and to make everyone think: it’s really down-to-earth work that we do. We dont do 10,000 BC.

The origin screens out of 8e and 12e October. Ticket information

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