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Nashik: Dhule city police said on Monday that they would summon some of the beneficiaries who allegedly bought the fake vaccination certificates to record their statements.
“A section of beneficiaries, who allegedly took the false certificates during three vaccination sessions, will be convened to strengthen the case and understand how the certificates were generated, their use and the exchange of money,” said Nitin Deshmukh, Dhule Town Police Station Inspector investigating the case filed by Dhule Municipal Corporation (DMC) alleging issuance of false certificates during illegal vaccination sessions.
City police arrested three DMC employees and an individual on Saturday after an investigation into the case filed on January 7 revealed their roles.
The matter came to light in Malegaon when the town’s company health workers received vaccination certificates from residents of congested areas with high vaccination hesitancy. Residents had claimed they had taken their shots at Dhule – 55 km away – instead of Malegaon. The officer added that the police had requested information from the DMC about the vaccination sessions held on October 28, December 4 and December 6 – when the alleged “fake” sessions took place for the distribution of certificates.
Two people would have created the sessions and the two senior DMC officers gave them access by sharing passwords and allowing them to create the sessions through which the certificates were generated.
“We believe that the dates of the vaccine doses (first and second) were manipulated. Therefore, we aim to highlight the fact that there was no vaccination at all. For this, we searched for vaccination data for these dates. It will help us understand the plot,” the officer said.
The officer said the local court had extended the custody of the four people arrested until January 19 after they appeared in court on Monday following the outcome of previous custody orders.

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