The Wasteland, a sequel to Fury Road?

Following the release of Mad Max: Fury Road in 2015, filmmaker George Miller quickly announced that there was “more to come”. road of furywhich comes after a 30-year hiatus in the madmax franchise, became an immediate success due to its large scale of action. Far Out Magazine called it one of the best action movies of the 21st century, and it won multiple Oscars.

Needless to say, fans wanted more. Of course, Miller was never in a rush. road of fury itself had been in development hell for several years, with reasons for delays including rainfall in the Australian desert. At this time, Miller engraved the madmax universe down to the smallest detail, producing “two more scripts without really trying”, as the saying goes Top of the line. seven years later road of fury is out, filming has finally started for Furiosathe madmax prequel that tells the story of Charlize Theron’s character. While this is good news for fans, it also means a few more years until we can see Mad Max: The Desert – the second of these two scripts that delves into the titular character of the franchise.


Miller was notoriously sparse about land of waste, although he assured us that he had a story in mind for the film. The statement leaves us with many questions, including if if Mad Max: The Desert is a sequel to road of fury.

A Mad Max universe

road of fury won all madmax franchise a whole new mass of fans eager for updates on the franchise’s upcoming films. Although details were scarce, Miller spoke at length about the madmax universe that lives in his head – a universe that was not built as a compilation of isolated stories, but as an organic fictional universe.

At this point, it is common knowledge to fans that the Furiosa history was written before road of fury was even done. According to Miller himself, it was the result of an entirely organic process – a process in which he followed his instincts to explain the backstory of all the details included in road of fury. This preparation was not only timely due to the long development period of the film, but also essential to create a film where all the elements spoke to the same logic. In an interview with DeadlineMiller said: “I thought, okay, how does a man who’s blind and dumb – and he basically only knew how to play guitar – survive the apocalypse? That’s actually something I would love to use if I do another movie, so I better keep that one to myself.”

Miller also considered letting other administrators take over some madmax fallout – and he is not against the idea at all. In fact, he already has a list of three directors he would be willing to hand over to. So, while subsequent entries in the franchise might be slow in coming, it looks like Miller’s storyteller definitely has his sights set on building the madmax universe with more movies.

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Tom Hardy can’t wait to come back

While Miller is busy making Furiosa right now, he still has plans for the titular star of road of fury, Tom Hardy. While he was busy with many hit titles, including playing the Marvel anti-hero Venomwas actually contracted for three madmax movies, and was more than eager to get back in character: “I signed on to do three. It’s a question of when. I’m not sure if it’s called The Wasteland or not because you never know. These titles change all the time. But, there is definitely another Mad Max project pending.

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The Wasteland is not a direct sequel

The same year as road of fury was released, Miller had spoken more about his pre-road of fury writing period in an interview with WFH. He explained that the other two stories he worked on will be “tangentially linked. They’re all in the same world, but they won’t be direct sequels.” Since one of those stories turned out to be Furiosait seems quite likely that land of waste is the second of these stories. He finally revealed a new detail about this period of writing in a recent interview with The audiovisual clubwhich could explain what story we will see in the next madmax film.

“We also wrote, not a script, but almost in novel form, Nico Lathouris and I, what happened to Max the year before, and that’s something we’ll get to later on. telling the story of Furiosa had to explain everything in Fury Road In my mind I have a back story of the Doof Warrior, who plays guitar How a blind man who all he knows how to do is play of the guitar, how can he survive in a desert where everyone is in extremis? How did he get there? So we wrote little stories for each character when we created Fury Road.

Furiosa was born out of Miller’s desire to elaborate on the bizarre post-apocalyptic world order seen in road of fury. It could very well be that this “novel” which details Max Rockatansky’s outings in the time before road of fury could form the basis of land of waste, making the film a prequel rather than a sequel. However, unlike Furiosa, it probably won’t be a Max Rockatansky origin story. Since Miller said the “novel” follows Max the year before road of fury, land of waste will likely tell the story of how he finds himself imprisoned by Immortan Joe.

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