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Facts and accurate information are important. But disinformation has been and continues to be at the forefront, which has a negative impact on our political process.

Somehow, over the past few years in the public square, among our political leaders, certain media outlets and social media platforms, truth, facts and accurate information often seem hard to come by.

The adage that information is power needs to be revised in the political climate in which we find ourselves.

Having accurate information is power.

How can consumers be sure when we find ourselves bombarded and swimming in a sea of ​​misinformation, being victimized or unwittingly becoming a partner in someone’s sinister agenda.

In this environment, who can we trust to shoot us over a political issue that could not only impact and determine the course of our lives, but also that of our communities and this nation?

We must become active listeners and smart consumers. We must take responsibility for finding the facts and accurate information on our own.

Look what happens when we don’t.

Whether at the state or national level, we face a number of critical issues that require the investment of our unbiased and open-minded attention, research and investigation when they arise. is about separating fact from fiction, real news from fake news, truth from lies, misinformation by misinformation.

No area is more critical in determining the future direction of this country than our conclusions about whether the 2020 election was stolen or whether the violent and deadly protest at the US Capitol on January 6 was a riotous insurrection.

The 2020 election and the violent January 6 insurgency were so laced with lies and partisan politics that many decided to ignore any attempt to find out the facts – facts that have been corroborated by multiple independent sources.

This seems to be the case with the January 6 committee hearings who seek to uncover the truth about how misinformation about the 2020 election led to violence.

In the immediate and long term, the future of this country depends on whether your perception and action regarding these two founding events is based on lies or truth, distortions or facts.

A recent survey shows how many Americans are paying close attention to the January 6 hearings.

How will you decide what is right or wrong if you refuse to be open to evaluating what you read, hear and see? Or refusing to hear and see anything that might be different from one’s beliefs, whether accurate or not.

There are other critical areas that divide our country, where it is important for you to assess which sources of information you can rely on.

It is important that you know if these sources are reliable and why.

What sources of information do you rely on to govern your beliefs and actions when it comes to: 1) understanding the difference between gun controll measures and the 2n/a Amendment to the Constitution; 2) the complexity of the abortion problem; 3) the real cause of inflation and gas prices; 4) the reasons why COVID is always a challenge to our health and well-being.

These are issues that require us, as a collective body, to act on the basis of accurate, factual and unbiased information – not only for the well-being of his family, but of the community, the state and of the nation. Everything is inextricably linked.

There are crucial questions we all need to ask ourselves: Are we easily misled, if so, why? Are we the ducks sitting for the agenda of a predatory leader, whether a family member or a seasoned political leader seeking our support? Why do we gravitate towards a particular candidate? What drives us to follow Him, despite their harmful words and actions?

One thing is certain, if the January 6 hearings do nothing more, they make it very clear that we, as a country, are coming to a day of realizing what the last years of disinformation have done.

The future of our democracy hangs in the balance. A few immediate threats are in plain sight.

There are more and more, more emboldened and violent extremist groups — many fueled by lies, systemic racism, and separatist agendas.

Massive voter suppression efforts are being made across the country and have accelerated in recent years.

The institutions that have been the foundation of our republic and its democratic form of government have been scorned, marginalized and outright ignored, undermining the trust, patriotism and national pride that have united us in the past.

A recent gallop poll shows that American faith in our institutions is at rock bottom.

But how it all plays out is really up to us.

Do we really care to make a decision or pursue an action based on false and distorted information?

Do we care about the potential harmful, even deadly, consequences that result?

There is a saying that information is power. Today, this adage no longer applies.

Accurate information is power.

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