This TikTok user was terrorized by ghosts

High vibrations of “paranormal activity”.

Earlier this week, a friend sent me a TikTok, knowing how much I love creepy TikToks. The video, set to cheerful music, posted by the user @ogashleystate is a compilation of things that fly away, sinks that turn themselves on, and more. And, to add even more intrigue, a caption reads, “It’s been a year since we completely moved house, I still can’t believe it.” The Security Camera playlist is now on my profile under Haunting at LC Middletown. The haunting of LC Middleton? A whole playlist? I had to dive.

And dear reader, I have been taken on a journey. This playlist of 75 (!!!) videos documents a haunting from start to finish, from when she and her husband moved in until they moved out. At first it starts with knocking noises and his dogs barking seemingly for nothing.

The first TikTok

The first video (both of activity and of his profile), posted on July 21, 2020, also allegedly captured a person from the shadows, which is exactly what it sounds like: a shadowy presence with a human form. but without details. She quickly set up a camera in the living room to capture any nighttime activity.

But then the evidence starts piling up thanks to the camera setup. A dual-camera setup captured two angles of her handbag flying off the counter to prove it wasn’t made. She films herself coming downstairs to see all of her cupboards wide open. It’s all typical haunting stuff, but it happens very consistently.

Over the next month, she continued to share videos of whispering and opening cabinets. Then the doors begin to open in broad daylight. Loud sounds come out of nowhere. The activity seems to be slowly intensifying.

A haunted story

Then she learns from a former staff member who worked in her community that the resort has a haunted history. Different parts of the community are more haunted than others, and a few people have died on the property.

The activity continues and she begins to do live streams where she attempts to contact the spirit, which is always ill-advised. Then, in January 2021, she catches the scariest video yet: a clip of something staring at her through their backdoor. The images are, of course, extremely blurry and the figure is difficult to discern. But if you’re engrossed in the story, it’s truly awful.

After six months of activity and loss of sleep, she, her husband and their new baby move into a new home. She expresses her relief, even though packing to leave didn’t stop the Entity from cracking last-minute jokes, moving office supplies around the office.

A happy ending

A year later, she no longer lives there, but the story is not over. A new tenant in the community contacted her after looking at her TikToks. They are struggling with a haunting, with open cabinets and loud kicking. She offered some advice to the tenant, including the weekly cleaning of the apartment.

The whole saga looks like a found movie, but with a happy ending. And it seems nothing has followed them to their new home. Now ogashleystate is posting videos of her baby, her cats and her everyday life. Whatever happened in his apartment, these videos send shivers down my spine, especially watching in the dark at 1am.

What do you think of these videos? Do you have any scary TikToks that you think I need to see and cover? Find me on Twitter @mbmcandrews!

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