Trombone Champion & 9 Other Most Stylish Rhythm Games, Ranked


Of the many games that quickly became viral hits this year, trombone champion might just be one of the greatest for its humor and unique approach to gameplay. With Metal: Hellsinger and Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythm Festival Already offering fun musical experiences, this year alone has seen some great entries into the genre.

Over the years, many great music-based rhythm games have tried to try something new while still being stylish. And with a plethora of musical tastes and gameplay designs to choose from, there are plenty of excellent ones out there.


10/10 Trombone Champion (2022)

Released in September exclusively on Steam, trombone champion is a music game like no other as players must play a number of classical, folk and electronic tunes with their trusty trombone. Embracing the theme around this iconic instrument, trading cards can be unlocked that can reward anyone with more playable musicians and other cosmetic items.

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Despite the game’s goofy sense of humor, it’s also very stylish as each track features unique background art as the cartoonish avatars attempt to play music. With colorful, energetic menus and a unique tradition involving baboons, there’s nothing quite like it. trombone champion.

9/10 Crypt of the NecroDancer (2015)

Crypt of the NecroDancer unlike any other rogue-like game as it encompasses many elements from other video game genres. Blending dungeon exploration and fast-paced gameplay, players must guide the character through multiple dungeons while moving to the beat of music to progress.

Adopting a 16-bit style, the game looks like it could integrate with countless SNES games. But it particularly stands out for the music of Danny Barranowsky, who has provided music for countless indie games and uses the game’s unique mechanics that have also made it one of the best rhythm games.

8/10 Beat the Saber (2019)

No matter what system someone has that supports virtual reality, everyone has heard and seen the gameplay for beat the saber. Using nothing but two light sabers, the goal is to slash red and blue cubes to the beat of the music.

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It may seem like a simple game, but its use of both colors and layout makes for an engaging and memorable musical game that makes it easy to understand while playing with a VR headset. With additional content included as downloadable content, everyone can enjoy seeing their favorite tunes in a whole new way.

7/10 Rhythm Doctor (2020)

A surprisingly educational game, rhythm doctor bases its gameplay on a number of musical theories as the doctor has to solve each patient’s illnesses by pressing the space bar at the right rhythm. Apart from being in early access on Steam, it should also be one of the best medical games on Switch.

With its funky electronic music and 16-bit art style, it certainly looks and sounds like a stylish and cool music game. It may still be in Early Access, but it already looks like a polished experience that will be a great end product.

6/10 PaRappa the rapper (1996)

Whether PlayStation fans played the original or remastered version, PaRappa the rapper remained one of the most iconic characters and game titles associated with the brand. Trying to win Sunny Funny’s affection, the young rapper tries to impress her and learn new skills from the people of his town.

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Despite being over 20 years old, the game is still one of the most stylish and visually unique with its character designs. It’s a shame the series never took off compared to other gaming franchises, but it’s still a classic title and a worthy rhythm game for anyone.

A heavy metal soundtrack, weapon-throwing demons and narration by Troy Baker known for his many iconic roles in video games, Metal: Hellsinger is definitely a darker and more violent musical game. An FPS like no other, players must attempt to escape hell while racking up combos and high scores on the game’s tracks.

Despite its short campaign, the game is nothing like the colorful entrances seen in so many other musical or rhythm games that have come before it. Those who love the tastes of Loss and looking for something similar and different at the same time, you’ll find a lot to like in this one.

4/10 The Beatles: rock band (2009)

The popularity of Rock band was mainly based on the selection of tracks and the plastic instruments that players could obtain to turn their living rooms into a concert. But 2009 saw Harmonix develop an entry in the series entirely dedicated to one of the greatest British bands of all time, The Beatles.

He took everyone on a colorful story through their many highlights as well as their greatest hits, using the look and designs of some of the Beatles’ greatest films to bring each track to life. Nor was it one that fans could instantly recognize every reference and experience through their historic gigs, but newcomers were introduced to a brilliant musical game dedicated to one band.

3/10 Rhythm Heaven Megamix (2015)

The last entry in the rhythm heaven Games, Rhythm Heaven Megamix was one of Nintendo’s last big releases for the 3DS. A compilation like no other, it’s brought together minigames from previous entries plus a few new ones created exclusively for it into one nice package.

Similar to the wacky, goofy sense of humor found in the WarioWare games, this fun rhythm game was perfect for making commuting more entertaining. With so much style and color flowing from it, those who still own the handheld console shouldn’t miss it.

2/10 Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum’n Fun! (2018)

Bandai Namco’s taiko drum game became a hit series in Japan that saw multiple releases across console generations and also received arcade cabinets. But in recent years it’s made its way into multiple territories and while it’s been released on multiple consoles, its Switch exclusivity has made it a fun multiplayer game to take home.

With colorful and cute characters, the game is full of charm as it encourages everyone to pick up and play this entertaining and unique rhythm game. And with a number of Nintendo tracks available, characters like the Inkling fit right in with the adorable chibi cast.

1/10 Elite Beat Agents (2006)

Elite beat agents was a DS game like no other. Released in 2006, a trio of secret agents travel to various destinations to help those in need the only way they know how. dancing to the rhythm of the touch screen.

Filled with comedic and slapstick sensibilities, the game became memorable for those who had the system and made good use of dual screens. The game embraced its sense of style and fun that few games dare to follow, but it did so with such swagger that it was highly praised by critics and fans around the world.

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