Trump still claims he won Michigan’s Man of the Year award

Donald Trump has always struggled to tell the truth, a problem that has only worsened since the end of his only mandate. At rallies, he continues to spread lies about the 2020 election, which he lost by more than seven million votes. But that’s not the only lie he told.

According to Initiated, the former president has dusted off an old favorite lie: that he won Michigan’s Man of the Year award several years ago. He’s been telling this one for ages. The problem is: there is no such reward. He invented it. And although he hasn’t spoken about it in a while, on Saturday at a rally in Michigan, he broke it again.

This interpretation of the lie was vaguer than usual, belying its untruth. “And then I was appointed a long time ago, I was appointed – did you know? – for a long time, I don’t know, your chamber of commerce, someone, who knows what it is, named me Michigan Man of the Year,” Trump told a cheering crowd. Maybe they even believe it.

The first time Trump publicly made this claim was in 2016, when he was still a candidate. Journalists spent time and energy searching for such an award, to no avail. The closest they could find was a Detroit News honor known as “Michiganians of the Year.” But that trophy never went to Donald Trump.

Among the many fictions that Trump has released, there is a subgenre dedicated to the fake awards he has won. You may remember him bragging about winning a “Bay of Pigs Award”. That doesn’t exist either. Then again, sometimes he tells the truth, even by accident.

(Via Initiated)

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