Tune In For A Sustainable Christmas | Xmas

For a completely sustainable alternative Christmas tree (True or False: Which Christmas tree is more durable ?, December 4), we are looking for a small twig branch – easy to find this time of year, especially after a storm – and hang lights and decorations on it. We have ornaments that are several years old which adds to the durability. We think it sounds amazing; it does not take up much space and rots afterwards.
Dee Northover

As a kid in the 1950s, I remember my mom ironing Christmas wrapping paper after we unwrapped our presents for reuse the following year (How to make sure Christmas cards and wrappers don’t end up at the landfill, December 4). Following their thrifty example, my family still uses the stock of gift bags that I collected from the gifts elementary school students gave me before I retired 15 years ago.
Margaret cockburn
Morpeth, Northumberland

When did we come to terms like “pre-booking” when “making a reservation” for a theater ticket was enough before? Surely a second-hand item that has not yet been purchased? Pre-liked? Second hand. Now we have pre-grated cheese (Fromage fictions, December 6). The printed photo shows a piece of pre-grated cheese and a plate of grated cheese.
Colin J Merry

John Whittingdale would like broadcasters to produce more programs that reflect British values ​​(David Tennant asks Tory about the ‘Britishness’ of TV shows, December 7). Does that mean doing sitcoms where people lie, cheat, and get involved in shady activities?
David Prothero
Harlington, Bedfordshire

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