Unsecured Cooperative Loans Easy and No Old School

For those of you who need funds for venture capital, cooperative loans are more profitable, too! Why not? TimiKimi has her review for dude, damn it!

The interest applied by the cooperative is not inferior to bank loans. The Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs set loan rates at cooperatives at 7% per annum. The interest rate is the same as the interest rate on the KUR alias People’s Business Credit provided by conventional banks.

Easier terms than banks

Easier terms than banks

Mortgage lending in cooperatives is much easier than bank lending. Furthermore, if you have a relationship with the cooperative, you can get a recommendation to get a loan at the cooperative. To put it simply, you can apply for a cooperative first. Not many cooperatives provide loans without a loan, but the process is also fast.

If you plan on not just borrowing, you can become a member and get SHU every year. SHU is the remainder of the proceeds that will be distributed in accordance with the initial agreement that is shared annually. Indirectly you are like investing in a cooperative.

How to Apply for a Cooperative Loan

How to Apply for a Cooperative Loan

For those of you who want to lend a cooperative loan. Has a guide for you not to be confused.

Become a member of the cooperative first

The first condition is that you can apply for a cooperative first. This will make it easier for you to get a loan. Then you fill out the loan application form and fill out the terms of the requested document.

Contact cooperative marketing

If you are not yet a member of the cooperative, you can contact marketing directly at the cooperative of your choice.

Apply for a cooperative loan by recommendation

This method works best, especially if you have family or close friends who have already registered members of the cooperative. You can ask them to recommend you for a loan. You should also make sure they have a good track record for your application to be approved.

Complete administrative data

The last step you need to do is to complete the requested administrative data. You will usually be asked to fill out a loan application form. Before completing the form, you must also prepare a photocopy of your ID or Citizenship Card. If you are married, you need to give your spouse a photocopy of your partner’s ID too.

Then, some of the other common document requirements are Family Cards and electric accounts, as well as payroll and payslip documents. Once you complete the administration and the cooperative considers it, then you just wait for the result of the Dude.

For those of you who want to apply for a loan at a cooperative, you should also take note of the loan repayment method that works there.

Unsecured Cooperative Loans in Indonesia


In Indonesia, there are non-cooperative cooperative lending agencies in Indonesia, including:

The Multi-Use Facility is offered to the community registered as a member of the Good Finance cooperative. To meet the needs of education, health, venture capital, it can also be used as a source of debt repayment.

Indebtedness Cooperative Loan

Unsecured cooperative loans can also be applied through the Indonesian Employment Cooperative. Even now, the Mapan Cooperative is one of the cooperatives that offer online services so members can apply for a free online cooperative loan by visiting the official website. The loan application procedure itself is started by filling out the online application form and filling in the required documentation from ID, NPWP or Jamsostek, payslip, and so on.

Cooperative Save a Friend

The next option is a True Partner Loan Cooperative (KSPSMS) co-founded by Sampoerna Group. KSPSMS has been around since 2009. To date, its branch has even reached 112 offices spread throughout Indonesia. The amount of loan you receive varies depending on your needs. The maximum loan offered is $ 1 billion. Just like the Cooperative Mom, this KSPSMS implements an online system. So you can go to the official site right away. The cooperative finances the loan for the purchase and purchase of motorcycles and cars (motor vehicle credit).

Blessed Fund Cooperation

Since its founding in 1996, the Blessed Co-operative Fund has been successful to this day. The Blessed Fund Cooperative has partnered with private SOE (State Owned Enterprises), and offline cooperatives. The cooperative has a secured online cooperative loan based in Bali. The online cooperative loan program is divided into three business credit financing, motorcycle credit, and versatile credit that you can use for your needs.

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