Watch Ben Schwartz celebrate National Tell A Joke Day with 13-year-old Ethan LyBrand

How does a penguin build a house? Igloo together.

Did that make you laugh? It’s one of 13-year-old Ethan LyBrand’s favorite jokes, and to celebrate National Tell A Joke Day (August 16), LyBrand is teaming up with comedian and actor Ben Schwartz for a little laugh.

LyBrand is a 2022 National Ambassador for the Muscular Dystrophy Association who found himself inspired during the pandemic to spread “virtual joy” by telling a joke a day, while raising awareness about muscular dystrophy. This year he caught the eye of Schwartz, best known for his roles in Parks and recreation, space forceand sonic the hedgehog (of which LyBrand is a big fan of), and the two connected virtually to share a few jokes.


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“There’s no better way to celebrate National Tell a Joke Day than by telling jokes with Ethan. I’m beyond inspired by him and all the work he does for the Muscular Dystrophy Association,” Schwartz said in a statement to Game Rant. The comedian tells LyBrand in the compilation video below, “I can listen to you telling jokes all day.”

Watch the video below to see Ben Schwartz and Ethan LyBrand tell their favorite jokes.

Stepping back with the fan-favorite comedian, LyBrand’s goal is to continue to raise awareness for muscular dystrophy in support of MDA’s mission. Together, LyBrand and MDA hope to empower the neuromuscular disease community to live longer, more independent lives by accelerating research and advancing care and access for people living with the disease.

“I enjoyed being in this role because it gave me the opportunity to share my story and spread awareness about MDA,” Ethan says in an MDA’s Quest blog. “MDA is like a second family to me, so being able to support MDA in this role has been amazing. Making people smile has made my heart happy.”

As mentioned above, sonic the hedgehog is Ethan’s favorite work by Schwartz. The first film premiered in 2020, starring the New York-born comedian in the title role. The “supersonic” blue anthropomorphic hedgehog first gained popularity through the Japanese video game series, created by Sega, released in 1991. Distributed by Paramount Pictures, a sequel was released in 2022 with Schwartz reprising his role, alongside a majority to the creative team, including director Jeff Fowler, screenwriters Pat Casey and Josh Miller, and a handful of producers. A third film and a TV series are in the works.

Alongside Schwartz in both films are Donna J. Fulks, Colleen O’Shaughnessey, Jim Carrey, James Marsden and Adam Pally.

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