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Angelyne was Los Angeles’ quintessential star of the ’80s: singer, actress, style icon and model in a series of iconic billboards that appeared all over Los Angeles from 1984, Angelyne was the prototype of ” famous for being famous” which has gone on to echo celebrity speech well into modern times. She has been the subject of several documentaries, including Angelyne: the queen of the billboard, a feature documentary in which she recounts her life in her own words. Now his story is being told to a new audience, framed as a present day interview series and told largely through flashbacks. Based on a Hollywood Reporter article that revealed intimate details about Angelyne’s life and identity for the first time, Angelyne is Peacock’s explosive new miniseries set to premiere May 19, 2022.


angelyne was created by producer, writer and artist Nancy Olivier. Oliver is best known for producing a Southern Gothic vampire drama true blood and written for a critically acclaimed quirky romantic comedy Lars and the real girl.

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Emmy Rossum as Angelyne

Emmy Rossum stars as the titular icon, resplendent in his bouffant bottle blonde, signature pink Camaro and unwavering ambition. The story begins at the flashpoint of her fame, the commissioning and creation of the first billboard, one that advertises neither an art nor a product but Angelyne herself. . Angelyne de Rossom carries herself with a shameless assurance and sharp intelligence (and Barbie pink style) reminiscent of Elle Woods in Revenge of a Blonde, but unlike Elle, there isn’t an ounce of naivety in her. Bold, hard-hitting sex appeal and captivating attention are at the heart of Angelyne’s marketing strategy. While “sex sells” wasn’t a new concept in 1984, Angelyne turned the concept of the “sexy blonde model” on its head by taking control of her own image and using it to her advantage. Nothing illustrates this better than the billboard itself, in which the model looks directly at the viewer behind dark sunglasses: thus the object becomes a matter, not just an image but a person.

Emmy Rossum’s best-known previous role is that of Christine in the film adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera, a role that couldn’t be more different from the ever-outspoken Angelyne. More recent work includes starring in the TV series Shameless as Fiona Gallagher, the eldest daughter of a working-class Chicago family. Coming up Rossum will star alongside Tom Holland and Amanda Seyfried in the first season of the anthology series The crowded room for Apple TV+.

Alex Karpovsky as Jeff Glasner

Alex Karpovsky co-stars like Jeff Glasner, fictional counterpart of Gary Baum, the Hollywood Report reporter who uncovered Angelyne’s true identity in 2017. Although he won’t appear in Angelyne’s two trailers, he’ll likely be the audience’s stand-in for the show. He is also a controversial figure: Angelyne has always been fiercely protective of his privacy and has not approved of Baum’s publication of his past. Angelyne: Queen of the Billboard, Angelyne’s autobiographical series, is still in production, apparently in response to Baum’s exposure. Baum is a consultant for the production, so Karpovsky has his source of inspiration at his fingertips.

Karpovsky’s other work includes the musical Folk hero and funny guy and the cold Onlookerwhich Karpovsky directed and starred in, but is best known for his work on HBO drama series Girls. Karpovsky previously worked with the series’ executive producer Sam Esmail on the popular Amazon Prime Video series Back home where he starred alongside Hollywood heavyweights like julia robert and Sissy Spacek.

Hamish Linklater as Rick Krauss

Hamish Linklater plays Rick Krauss, president of Angelyne’s fan club – and only member, at the start. Her faith in Angelyne’s star power is undeniable, however, and even years later in her interview scene, Rick’s affection for her is evident and powerful to behold.

Linklater also appears in the Starz limited series Gas lighting, a historical drama centered on the Watergate scandal. Previous credits include Netflix’s horror series Midnight Mass and the Amazon original drama Tell me your secrets.

Lukas Gage as Max Allen

Lucas Gage plays Max Allen, guitarist of the punk band in which Angelyne sings. The two seem to have an unstable relationship and parted ways on bad terms – in their interview scenes years later, Angelyne and Max tell very different versions of the story of their time together.

Gage’s other work includes the award-winning HBO Max series The White Lotus, a drama/comedy about the guests and staff of a tropical resort; and american vandal, a Netflix true-crime satire set in an American high school. Gage will also play a role in Peacock’s upcoming reboot of queer as folk.

Charlie Rowe as Freddy Messina

Charlie Rowe is the man behind the legend as Freddy Messina, Angelyne’s photographer. He is also one of the first supporters of Angelyne, who dreams that their collaboration will still be talked about in 100 years.

Rowe also appears in the Elton John biopic RocketmanAmazon Prime Video miniseries vanity loungeand the much appreciated Red Band Societyabout seriously ill adolescents finding solidarity in the pediatric ward of their hospital.

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Martin Freeman

Although his role is not named, Martin Freeman plays a pivotal role as the marketing manager who funds Angelyne’s billboards. He is dubious at first as Angelyne explains her vision, but the two soon arrive at a meeting of like-minded individuals: both understand the power of the image.

Freeman is best known for the lead role in The Hobbit trilogy, but its long list of credits also includes Marvel’s groundbreaking title Black Pantherthe hugely popular BBC drama sherlockand the critically acclaimed crime drama Fargo. Freeman currently stars in the FX dark comedy series Breeders, which is currently in its third season. He’s also set to reprise his MCU role as Everett K. Ross in the highly anticipated sequel. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and the Disney+ limited series Secret Invasion.


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